Fiona’s birthday went great,  and I’m going to have to kick myself in the butt, and upload pictures.

Mom made Pumpkin scones (which I kept calling Pumpkin Pasties, with a british accent.) and whipped cream for breakfast.

We had various other yummy things….

But to skip to the cake (the most important part of any birthday.)- it was surprisingly good. Which sounds mean, when I say that, but Mom forgot to put the sugar in.

However, once she put the icing on it tasted nice and sweet, but not too sweet, which is a common problem.

The day after that we got ready for St. Nicholas day.

The next day (This Sunday) We got goodies from St. Nicholas, did a Christmassy themed puzzle (Mom loves puzzles, and can’t rest if there is a unfinished one sitting on the table) and admired the first snow of the year. (Not really, but it’s the first snow that ‘stuck’.)

In the afternoon I went over to a friends house for a belated birthday party, so my afternoon went pretty much like this:

Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, Pizza, Cake (AWESOME  frosting by the way, I need to get the recipe. *Looks imploringly over at friend’s Mom*), Watch The Two Towers, more pizza and cake, go home.

Last night Dad put up the Christmas lights… which reminds me.

Parents of small children please, please, PLEASE do not put your christmas lights where the kids could get them. Not only for the obvious reasons (getting shocked and/or burned.) but because I’ve heard (on the CBC website no less) that the wires are coated with lead. And quite a bit of it-  70.2 micograms (or something mi-ish…not milligrams, but something that sounds like it.) which is quite a health hazard.

So this year we’re hanging the christmas lights over the windows, where the kids can’t reach them, but they’ll still look pretty.

Apparently we’re going to get about eight inches of snow tonight… the Christmas season has officially started!



8 thoughts on “Celebrations.

  1. Thank you for posting, Kaelen.
    You missed skating.
    Go check your e-mail and e-mail back.
    Will tell my mom (or will find the recipe myself)

  2. True.
    But take it into account that I check your blog numerous times each day because of lack of something to do on the internet (if that sounded mean it wasn’t supposed to).
    Therefore I comment often.
    And nag you often.
    Shades of my mom.

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