…Which is the age Fiona will be in eight or so hours. She’s very happy about it.

Mom has been trying to make this birthday more natural. In other words less plastic and premade (Life in plastic is -less than- fantastic! *giggle*) and more natural, sense stimulating, healthy things.

This denotes that some of the toys are handmade.  And said toys are pretty stinking cute. And pretty making-me-jealous-even-though-I’m-almost-thirteen-and-they-are-toys-for-a-four-year-old.

In other news:

Um… yeah, mostly pre birthday prep. I did go to skating on Wednesday.

A friend of mine made up a ‘slogan’ for no particular reason, which made me giggle a bit (giggling isn’t very uncommon when we get together, and neither is laughing, and snorting orange juice up our noses… but I digress) it went “Life is complicated.” The funny part was that she kept saying it randomly.

Me: Hey Margie, what’s going on?

Her: (with great gusto) Life is complicated.

Now for your random-ness of the day: (cause we always need more random-ness in out lives!)


Zook Juan Claude, it iz a wee little french man! Hohoho. (If you watched Veggie tales you would get it.)

Erm, wow, I’ve really rambled in this post. *holds up 2009 ramblers award*

Well, I’ll leave you in peace now. (and please at least wait until I’ve at least turned around before you roll your eyes)



4 thoughts on “Five.

  1. But but but but Kaelen…
    Life IS complicated.
    Do not laugh at the complicatedness of my life.
    How dare you.
    Is not your life complicated as well?
    It should be.
    If not, make it so.
    And nobody ever said WE snorted orange juice up our noses. That was totally a you kind of thing.
    But I digress.
    Really tired.
    Long comment.

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