A few words…

Here are ten mini sentences to try and ‘describe’ my day so far. (Also cause I’m just too lazy to do a ‘real’ post.) Underneath each sentence, in italics there are adjectives to describe the sentence.


Favorite sweater.

Pink, wool, pullover,cabled, handknit by Mom.


Interaction tonight.

Loud, fun, freeze, last,whiz-bang-woosh-kerplunk.


Rolling down a hill with Jarvis.

Dirty, wet, fun, not acting my age.

Make a wish on a feather, let the feather blow away, spin ten times with  your eyes shut,open your eyes,  if you can’t see the feather your wish is granted.

Wind, seagull.


Finding birds nests, taking them home.

Dangerous, tree, climb, poke, almost caught, bits of egg and feather.


‘ The House of Sixty Fathers’ written by Miendert Dejong.

Mom, reads, too, slowly, want, to, know, the, end.


Dishes, dishes, and more dishes!

Meh, get over with, blast music.


‘Out of Line.’ (Most awesome song ever… at least, for me, right now.)

Loud, sing-along, out-of-tune, like, LOUD. (Sweet Eliza, remember me/ I’m a liar, but not a cheat.)


Pancakes for breakfast.

Good, want more, bananas, oranges, jam, syrup, peanutbutter.



French, riting, reading, rithmetic.





PS, yes, some of these aren’t adjectives, but  I don’t really care.




2 thoughts on “A few words…

  1. Kaelen..*yawns**hits button for pretyped message*
    This was typed six days ago.
    Shame on you.
    *pretyped message over*
    I wonder where all your other commenting friends are? Kitchener/Waterloo?

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