Halloween costumes.





Here I am… I decided to give up on the water sprite idea, and as you can I see, I’m ‘just an elf’.

It’s too bad that you can’t really see the ear, as I worked really hard on them, but I don’t think I remembered to get any closeups.




Here you can see an angry ninja (Jarvis) and a ballerina (Fiona).  Fiona was supposed to be a fairy princes, but she ditched her wand and head-piece, so just looked like a ballerina. (If you look closely I think you can see part of her wings in this pic.)




Grouchy elephant. (otherwise known as Simon) Poor guy, it was way past his bedtime here.




My favorite picture of Dad…. I have  a picture of Mom to put up too, but I’m supposed to get off the computer now.

Loading pictures eats up time!



6 thoughts on “Halloween costumes.

  1. You look so intent on whatever it is you’re looking at..
    I’d be able to see the ears better if the words veren’t in front of them…
    Showing my german parentry there…weren’t…:)
    Liked the pic of your dad…was he dressed up as Sherlock Holmes or something?

    • Ah yes, sadly I made the picture too big. Guess I’ll be better informed for the next time.
      I think don’t think I was looking at anything in particular….

  2. Great costumes! Did you and your Mom make them?Thanks so much for the photos. I also thought your Dad was Sherlock Holmes. If not, he sure looks like him! You are a lovely elf, quite model-like.
    Love, MLou

    • I made mine, and Mom bought the kids. I’ve no idea what Dad was… I kind of took him to be one of those seedy millionaire types who are always smoking on a cigar (he didn’t have a cigar, but in different picture he has his pipe.)

      Glad you like the pictures!

  3. Don’t let Margie frighten you Kaelen. Your Mom is very good looking (kind of looks like her Mom–nudge, nudge, wink wink). Besides you could take after your Dad. O wait you do…you’re both kind of the poser types. Fiona looks like a princess/fairy with attitude. Jarvis looks very fierce. I bet he really got into the part. Sounds like you guys need a dental plan. Love ya lots GA

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