Lazy day.

I’m sitting here, with my feet in comfortable cushy (lint covered) slippers on our loveseat with Mom beside me.

Simon is behind us.

Now he is beside me… now he’s going over to the other couch. I wish he would hold still for more than a second- doubt that’s going to happen soon though… maybe in sixteen years… or not. How about fifty-six years? Huh?

Not much else…

We took the kids trick or treating last night… to five houses. (two of which were people we knew). Even so they have way too much candy. (I’m happy to help them out with it though)

I made candy yesterday, but ended up with one full bag of chocolate chips. Not that I’m complaining….)

Simon has got a plastic spider (probably ripped off Mom’s witches hat) and is trying to scare me with it.  Now the plastic spider and the plastic elephant are fighting. Strange little two year old.

Slept in late this morning… but not really because of daylight savings. Thank you ‘Fall Back’!

Did a whopping big load of dishes this morning left over from yesterday. (It’s sorta my own fault since Jarvis -mostly- did his job of washing the dishes but I wasn’t very good with the job of cleaning the pots, and wiping the counters etc, etc)

I got to go, and don’t have much more to say anyways.


PS updated my profile!



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