Which is exactly what I seem to be lately.

I’ll be getting ready to go outside, and I’ll take a report with me to work on. First I’ll get my hat (mom’s really) then I’ll get my mitties (fingerless so I can write) and then I’ll get Simon ready (fight with him over which pants he’s going to wear: he won the fight) take my sweater off so I can get his stubborn shoes (which by the way are pink, because they are really Fiona’s) on, find my report, put my sweater on(during which  I lose my report again) find my report again, and -FINALLY- go outside.

*takes deep breath*

Surprisingly I got most of my report done in between telling Simon not to run away.


The neighbor has been fixing a rat hole in his outside wall, and to do this he has been using cement.

He also made a cement stair (which I was allowed to put my hand print and initial in) and patched a few holes in the brick work (of  his house and ours, which I thought was really nice of him.)

I received the ultimate badge of honor (joking) by get my knee all covered in cement when I knelt down… it washed out well with water from the hose though. I  got my other leg and both my feet wet in the process though. 😛


Halloween talk- what are you guys doing/ wearing for Halloween?

Me? Homemade candy (LOTS of homemade candy) and a water sprite costume.  I’m making the pointed ears for my costume my self! (and-wonder upon wonders- they actually look like they’ll turn out well!)

Peace on earth (yeah, yeah, wrong season, I now.)



16 thoughts on “Distracted…

  1. I am glad you got your report done. It sounds like it is cold there!! It is colder here too – about 9 degrees today. Mark and I are going to a
    football game on Hallowe’en. We are dressing up as Lions fans:) Homemade candy- nummy!! What kind?
    Love and hugs,

    • Oooh, that sounds fun. It would be even funner if the football players were dressed in costume….

      I’ll make almond roca, and then (depending on how much chocolate I have left) homemade peanut butter chocolate things, and cookies.


  2. Ha ha…would post more but have to get ready for bed…:)
    I know….I know…it’s only 8 you say…it’s either this or sleep in and sleeping in is not an opption…

  3. What’s this halloween stuff? Since when do you celebrate a pagan, demonic, evil (cough, cough) sorry about that, forgot myself for a minute there. But seriously, since when do you celebrate halloween? And how come you’re taking care of Simon when you’re suppose to be writing reports? And–rat holes–eeeeeeekkk! I thought your greatest challenge was mice e-e-w-w. Rats (shudder) I’m definately rethinking the upcoming visit. GA

  4. Yeah Kaelen…why are you celebrating Halloween?
    And why are you dressing up? Your not *gasps* going trick or treating???

      • Um… as an excuse to eat huge amounts of candy! Never have trick or treated before, and most likely never will. It just doesn’t sound fun to me.

  5. When/where are you going to wear the costume?
    Notice all homonyms in that sentence were used correctly…
    And no…I am not conceited about my spelling abilities…I am not…I am not…nope…not me…B)

    • Oh Margie, Margie, Margie… *sigh*…

      I’ll probably just be wearing it at home, unless we go anywhere. If it turns out really well maybe I’ll wear it to church the next day (minus the loud makeup) :P.

  6. Can’t wait to see you at church tomorrow!!
    Um…loud makeup? Like…sparkles?
    I like sparkles…
    If the loud makeup involves sparkles, wear it…:D

    • Update… will probably not be going to church tomorrow…and if I did i wouldn’t wear my ears. They looked good with my hair combed over the “blend part” (where fake skin and real skin meet) but I had to use weak paper mache paste to attach them, which I did this morning. I wore them for a long time (like, all day) and they itched/hurt like crazy! I’m not sure why they hurt, but I think it was that the ears were heavy, and the paste kind of glued them to my ears, so it was like a fight between my ears and gravity all day. When I was taking them off though….wowee! That stung. All the same, I’m proud of my little paper mache creations. I gave up on the water sprite idea, and just wore basic elf gear. Dad called me ‘glefling’ (Dark Crystal) or whatever that thing is in the puppet movie. Pictures will probably be posted on face book by the rents soon.

  7. No churchy?
    Hopefully I will have new skates by Wednesday and will see you at skating.
    Went to Canadian Tire out at McAllister yesterday, but they didn’t have any in my size…so will go to West side as they reportedly had 6…

    • No churchie….. 😦 (I know it isn’t proper spelling either way, but should it be ‘churchy’, or ‘churchie’?)

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