Finally, I’ve produced an Okay-ish piece of manga on the computers paint program.  (We have the bare bones paint program that comes with every windows computer. I heard that they souped up the paint program in the newer computers, but seeing as this this computer is -about- seven years old, what you see is what you get.)

And my master piece is:

head!That really doesn’t look that great, for two reasons.

1- I saved it as a BMP, but the only way I could put it in my post was if I opened it as a JPEG. JPEG’s picture quality is a lot lower then BMP.

Also, as you see it is a lot smaller then how I drew it. The entire pic is about the size of the mouth, when compared to how I drew it.

Bah, that’s disapointing since I thought it looked really good compared to what I was doing before.




9 thoughts on “Yes!!!

    • Thanks.. it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it… I just spent 45 min online googling ‘how to use windows paint’ K.

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