I live….

I’m just  not feeling very lively.

Just got back from a hike (aka bushwacking) expedition with Dad… very fun- very tiring.

For Moriah- Interact is great- I’ve only gone to one class so far. (To anyone who does not know: I have started Interact Kids Theatre.)

We’re doing  lots of improv acting games.

My Mom has been quoted on worrying that there were too many teenage (12-14) guys in my class.

I am tired, so this is the end of my very lame, very short post.


PS I ate a wasps nest! Er- don’t ask.

PPS Just wanted to add the the guys are in the age range of 12-14 not that there are 12-14 guys in my class.

12 thoughts on “I live….

  1. First one to post!! Muhahaha! I am very glad it is going well (Acting) I’m sad that drama isn’t happening, but I have a very good plan… I shall tell you about it in an email probably.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your class. I wondered if you would be nervous or embarrassed. There are BOYS in your class… I wonder if they have all girl classes hmmmm maybe Areli can check into that. Talk to you in a bit. GA

  3. Well you are going to need to learn to interact with the male species sometime or another in your life. Might as well be in acting class where they will probably be “acting nice and smart” not just “being dumb and stinky”!

  4. The interact Kids Theater sounds like it will be a lot of fun!! Just pretend the boys are your brothers and you will be fine. You will do well with the improv.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Love and hugs,

  5. Sorry K…I’ve gotta ask about the wasp’s nest thing…
    And there are boys that act nice and smart…no comments Kaelen…:)

    • Wasps nest story:

      I was eating random leaves, pine needles, and mosses, trying to find out which one’s taste best. (yeah, I know, that’s potentially dangerous, but sometimes I just have strange death wishes ;P ) Dad found a empty wasp’s nest, and I mentioned how I’d read that you can eat them. He’d been snickering at how I was eating everything in sight, so he dared me to eat the nest.

      I tore a piece off, stuck it in my mouth, chewed… and swallowed.

      …Tasted kinda like paper.

      On another note…. you’re right. But they are far and few between.

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