To clear things up-

The cat is a boy, after all.

Lets just say that we only took a quick look, and as this is a young cat he isn’t quite- ‘fully  grown’.

And, uh, the last cat we had, even after he was neutered, was still a very ‘manly man’ so it was all extremely visible… some people didn’t even believe he was neutered.

I guess we were just used to cats that made it….er…  more plain. So we assumed, that it was a girl.

Names we are thinking of now:



Sir Poops A Lot. (Just kidding…)

I’m all for Cracker myself.

And why Froggie you guys ask? Because I like the name Froggie, that’s why! Hmmph.



15 thoughts on “To clear things up-

  1. I vote Apple. Hmmmm…
    or Cracker. Cracker is pretty cool.
    Actually, Apple is a girls name, well, er…I mean it’s the name of a fruit but if it were a name for a being of sorts then it would be a female beings name.
    Cracker on the other hand is fully and completely a boys name.
    That’s my most prized and sought after opinion.

  2. Kaelen!!
    Now that I have blogged, I can bug you until you do!!! Muahahahaha!!!! Hehehe. BLOG!! NOW!! I am very curious to hear how INTERACTION is going! Please tell us!!

  3. I just made a comment… a very long one! And it deleted itsself! aaaarrrghgggh!!! To sum it up, I now can make you blog because I have! Blog!

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