Yes, I know.

You don’t need to rub it in… I already understand that I am one of the most negligent bloggers around.

So, if it has been more then four days, consider yourself free to send me a virtual kick in the butt in the comments. ‘Kay?

Now then,  show of hands everyone, who here has a cat?

Who here has a kid?

Who here is crazy enough to have kids, and a cat?

If so, perhaps you should form a little club with my parents, who have adopted a kitty even though we are living in a small (relatively speaking) place, and have six peeps in our family.

To be fair, the cat did sort of adopt them.

Here is how the scene went.

(Kaelen=K Mom=M Dad=D Jarvis=J)

K (on computer) checks gmail.

M and D enter through door.

K (still on computer) checks favorite sites.

M bleh bluh….cat… bleh

K (yes, still on computer)type-ity type-ity

D bleh bleh blah… should we keep it?…

K (Ok, I’m still on the computer, alright?!) click-ity click-ity

J (enters) Hey, where did you get the cat from?

K (peels eyes from screen) What? (turns around, notices cat) Doesn’t anybody  tell me anything anymore?

*coughs* So, yeah. What, those blogs I was on were really engrossing!

Anyways, Mom and Dad were walking outside, and a stray started following them, and then followed them right into the house. Dad opened the window, and put the cat half outside, but it didn’t leave, so Dad and I went and bought kitty litter.

The kids love it… a LOT. The first few days were awful, but they (the kid-lets) are calming down a bit now.

Mom has taken to putting the kitty on the top book shelf so the cat can catch some Z’s. A increasingly common phrase in our household is, “If you aren’t nice to the kitty then I’m going to put her back on the shelf,” Which always elicits some giggles from me.


Dad, Mom, and I were having X-menathon a little while ago, which has caused all of us to show our nerd sides a little.

Mom also got me a book all about bad guys (it is called ‘The Super Villain Book- The Evil Side of Comics and Hollywood”) so we have been reading up on Mystique, The Joker, Catwoman, Green Goblin, and all sorts of other nasty types. (and that is just to name a few… this book is BIG)

It’s weird how much of the stuff in the movie didn’t happen in the comic books (and vice versa.)

For instance, in the comics Mystique is actually Rougues foster mother for a while.  And I’m pretty sure Logan and Victor weren’t brothers in the comics.

And on a side  note… Wayne was SOOO creepy in the end of Origins.

Okay, okay, I’m done now. But did anybody else find how Scott and Logan annoyed each other– *ducks rotten tomatoes*

Alright, I’ll change the subject.

Fiona and I were discussing Fairy Dust the other day. She said,” Do you know where the fairies get it from?”

“No, where?”

“Butterflies. They get their sparkles from butterflies.”

“And where do the butterflies get their sparkles from?”

(Here her eyes light up, and she gets really animated) “Sparkle land!!!”

Ehn, maybe you had to be there.

My ‘puter time is up, so I’m off.



5 thoughts on “Yes, I know.

    • She is orange and white striped (head tabby-ish, body, not so tabby-ish.), and only seems to be a few months old. We haven’t decided on a name yet. Mom wants to call her Sylvia, but I’m voting for ‘Froggie’ myself. (she doesn’t bear any resemblance to a amphibian though.) I meant to mention -but forgot- that she is also extremely mellow, which is good since other wise we couldn’t keep her and the kids in the same house.

      xo, Kaelen.

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