Blame the Aliens.

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in twelve days, but it’s not my fault! Seriously, it’s all the fault of the mind wiping aliens who sucked me up into their shiny UFO, mind wiped me, and stole some of my DNA.

I’m only just beginning to re-learn everything. Luckily after I spend about fifteen or so minutes trying to remember how to do something, it will all (usually) come back to me.

Of course, their are still  a few things I’m having trouble with. Washing dishes, and brushing my teeth, are my main problems.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

On a completely un-related  note:  My family has found a renter for the other side of the house. He will be moving in in a couple of days, so we are working like crazy trying to get everything done in time. (Okay, mostly Dad is working like crazy.)

Since he is moving into the other side this means we can’t keep all of our extra furniture there anymore. Which in turn means that we have next to no space (As if we didn’t have next to no space already.) and a whole lotta of stuff is getting put in my room, because every where else is bursting to the seams.

I’m not complaining. I realize that I can’t expect to be the only person in this house who isn’t making sacrifices. But, well, I’m complaing! (Yeah, yeah, sue me.)

My bedroom is currently just that: a room big enough for a bed. Techinically my room hasn’t shrunk, but I had to squeeze a whole bunch of stuff together so that we could make room for storage.

The silver lining is that I slightly exaggerated: it is a bedroom big enough for a bed… and a couple of book shelves.  See, if  you look hard enough, there is always something good to see.

Oh, and one other good thing (there is more than just one, but ya’ know what I mean.) I went shopping with Mom and found a ton of cool clothes.  So the world isn’t too bad, after all. 😛

And for the rellys: Fiona is currently beside me ‘reading’ a Bone comic book. I think  her version is funnier then the original.

Simon is also beside me, clutching his blanket and sucking his fingers for comfort. He is naked because of potty training issues. (easier for him to get to the toiliet, and do his business when he is naked.)

Jarvis is talking with Dad while he renovates. His reading is coming along really well.

Pictures will come in time…but don’t hold your breath. Our computer is ancient.


10 thoughts on “Blame the Aliens.

    • Hahahaha, no, I’m definitely not trying to get you guys to not come out. If we run out of room we’ll start piling kids up on the bookshelves. Do you guys like cats? I think we are getting one… or maybe its more like the cat has decided to get us. Hard to tell. 😛 Love ya guys and can’t wait to see you, Kaelen.

  1. Man…I had a very witty post and I lost it in cyberspace! Stupid computer. Just brush your teeth okay. Ask your Mom for a demonstration if you’ve forgotten how. I love you. Stupid, stupid, computer. GA

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