Various things that aren’t connected.

I love doing blog post like this quite a bit, because they are so easy to do. So, let us begin.

I made Peanut Butter and Jelly bars from a cookbook called (I believe) The Barefoot Contessa. They tasted like the sandwich, except better, and more cookie/bar like. A recipe I will use again.

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to Jarvis. Mom read the Harry Potter books aloud to us all the way up to the middle of the fourth book, and then I started reading them on my own, cause everyone else had lost  interest, so he has heard this book before, but still likes it. (Whew, what a long-probably grammatically in-correct- sentence.)

Here is my to-do list for today. (Things I actually did in italics.)

Knit some more on sock number two. (I did a few rows- lets just say I’m hoping my feet don’t grow anytime soon.)

Clean the Bathroom.

Ball the yarn for the vest I am planning to knit for myself. (Partially done, I still have two more skeins to unwind.)

Do the laundry.


Get started on turning a pillow case into a apron. (Haven’t even touched the pillow case, but am hoping to start tonight, after I’m done on the computer.)

Read my Bible.

Write Randy a letter. (as always, I remain the queen of procrastinators when it comes to writing letters.. and emails when it comes to that.)

Call Great Grandparents, get crab apple jelly recipe. (I haven’t called my Great Grandparents in about a month which is not a good thing, especially when you have such awesome Great Grandparents as mine. Also, I can think of 5 crab apple trees that all only take three minutes-or less- to walk to off the top of my head, so I should get that recipe)

Looks like I got tomorrow planned out for me…

A little note to whoever plans the weather for New Brunswick:

If you are planning on making it fall already please rest assured that I will find out who you are and personally throttle you to death.

Summer seems to have started at the end of July, and if it is over before September is even here I’m gonna burst a vessel.


With that said, I’m out.



8 thoughts on “Various things that aren’t connected.

  1. K: For someone that italicized “Read my bible” indicating it was a done deal… you should know who’s in charge of New Brunswick weather. Therefore, to threaten to throttle God is so not cool, not to mention impossible. Had to point it out so that you’re living your faith not just giving lip service. Glad to see you had a productive day rather than live up to teenage stereotype of lazy, self-indulgent, attitude challenged n’er-do-well (nice word n’er-do-well—probably invented by a distraught parent with disrespectful tweeners, unlike yourself). Love ya, GA

    • Ehn, Just wait till I turn thirteen. I have a friend who just is thirteen, and boy does she ever raise hell, don’t you Moriah? Just kidding, just kidding, Moriah is one of the nicest, responsible teenagers I know. (I don’t actually know that many teens, but still.)

  2. Ha…
    I like GA…
    But seriously…when I am thirteen remember to lock your doors at night because man, I am going to totally like, kick teenage butt, you know what I’m sayin?
    But hey Kaelen…through November and December you are forbidden to call me youngling….as I will be 12….
    And am missing lots of school in Nov!

  3. Who isn’t that short, but hey, if you can be 10 months older than me and call me youngling, I can be 1 inch taller than you and call you shortling.

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