Back in the day…

*Looks dreamily into the distance*

I was looking through some stories I wrote a couple years ago for school, and thought they were too good not to share.


Ina saves the day
By Kaelen Taylor

Chapter one-

Way back in the day there was a star-gazer by name of Treedo. Now one day while Treedo was gazing at the heavens above he saw a comet. This was not unusual. In fact the reason Treedo even stopped trying to figure out how to tell what the date was by the moon, was the rate this comet was coming down.
“Oh well it will probably land in the  sea anyways,” muttered Treedo. But glancing at the comet above a cold fear gripped him. “What if the island should float there!” he gasped.
For you see Treedo lived on the island of Rapabu, which although perfectly normal in most respects had one slight difference from all other types of land. For the island of Rapabu floated.
Now Treedo quickly threw away his moon charts and running to his desk quickly made some calculations, to find out to his great distress that by the time the comet hit the water (42 hours 56 minutes 27 seconds and counting) that the island would be in the exact spot! Another quick glance at the comet quickly assured him that there was no hope of a comet this size burning up in the atmosphere. Indeed it had already passed that particular part of space and was still very great in form!
“The mayor must be informed,” decided Treedo and off he went to tell the mayor how in 42 hours 37 minutes and 49 seconds the island -and all on it- would surely perish.
However since the mayor’s house was all the way across the island and there were no cars on the island it took Treedo till noon the next day to reach the mayor’s house.

Chapter two-

When Treedo finally reached the mayor’s house he was told to wait until the mayor was ready to see him. After having waited an hour he finally went into the mayor’s office uninvited, only to see the mayor snoring his head off.
It took 6 buckets of cold water poured on his head to wake the mayor up. When at lad he did wake up he listened aptly to what Treedo had to say.After the star-gazer had delivered his message that the island and all its inhabitants  were about to perish in 10 hours 29 minutes and 34 seconds the mayor replied
“Why thats just awful! But why in the world didn’t you tell me before? Why I was just sitting here waiting for someone to come in.”
Treedo rolled his eyes at this speech thinking of the Mayor snoring and asked,”But do you have anyone to save us?”
“Why of course,” replied the mayor “In fact why don’t you go and ask my wife’s good friend to help you? I believe they’re having a little tea-party as we speak. I’m sure that Ina will be able to help you. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to work.”
Treedo thought of the mayor snoring again and shook his head sadly,before going off to find this Ina. He soon found her chatting with the mayors wife over a cup of tea and some cookies that made his mouth water. As soon as he could get her attention he told her the whole story.

Chapter three-

As soon as Treedo had told Ina what was the matter, he asked her what she could do.
“You see,” he said “I’m looking for a bit of a Wonder-Woman character or maybe some type of Superman.” (Treedo was a big fan of super hero comics.)
“Well” Ina said,” I can eat anything and I can fly.”
“Okay,” said Treedo,”consider yourself hired.”
“Good, now skedaddle on out of here please (the mayors wife had already disappeared.) and I’ll think of something.”
Treedo scuttled off, and Ina started to think. And soon enough she had a plan. and then she acted on it.
Ina flew up into the air and looked around with a telescope that Treedo had given her. She soon spotted the comet, then waiting till it was close enough she flew up and gulp! The comet was gone.
Treedo and the mayor were so pleased with Ina that they held a great feast in her honor which was much enjoyed by Ina.

The End

-Pierre and Lilyacka-

Once upon a time in a land far away, a baby girl was born to the farmer Arcklenn and his wife Tanshing. But theirs was not the only child born that night. For a couple just come from a far off isle, had also had a child. But this time it was a baby boy’s howl’s that rent the air asunder. And well might he cry for his mother in giving him life, had died. His father who knew nought what to do with him gave him over to  Arcklenn and Tanshing. Then he went back to the land whence he had come from and was never heard from again.

The farmer and his wife raised the lad as their own. They called him Pierre, and named their own offspring Lilyaka.
On their first birthday the children received important visitors. The farmer and his wife had summoned two of the three fairies in the area. The first was the fairy of  beauty, the second the fairy of goodness, and the third (whom they had not invited) was the swamp fairy.
The first two had come and were just about to give their gifts, when suddenly, the unwanted fairy, Sarlacc, came.
With a glare the swamp fairy took in the whole scene,”What is this?” The swamp fairy hissed,”Two babes ready to receive their gifts, and two fairies ready to give them? Well it seems quite obvious to me that you don’t need any more gift-givers, but perhaps a curse might do the trick!”
Turning to the infant Lilyacka she smiled nastily and said, “On this child’s twentieth birthday she, and all that are in this village shall, die!
And as for the boy, he shall be dull and stupid a ll his life!” Having spoken she stepped back and gestured for the other fairies to go ahead.
Beautana the fairy of beauty came forward and said, “None shall die, but shall merely fall asleep forever. And the boy shall be good at fishing.” This was not very helpful, but luckily the fairy of goodness, Fairla, had a good head on her shoulders, and comforted them with this,
“Yes  I am afraid that Pierre shall  be dull and stupid — at cooking. At all else he shall be fine. And as for Lilyacka  the best I can do is promise you that is that all shall wake when Lilyacka’s true love comes.”
Then the three fairies departed leaving behind them a distressed mother and father, and the two infants whose lives had just been decided.
Nineteen years passed and before long it was Lilyacka and Pierre’s twentieth birthday.
All in the village were assembled in the village meeting place to see if they truly would all fall asleep. That is all the village but Pierre. Pierre had gone to join the war that was being fought, despite the fact that Pierre was beginning to fall in love with Lilyacka, and Lilyacka with Pierre.
But now in the village meeting place the hours were passing one, two, three, four, and five. People were beginning to mutter that it was all a hoax that Arcklenn and Tanshing  had made up. But hark for the sixth hour came and all began to feel weary, and soon all slept. And so it lasted for seventy-nine long years. But on the eightieth year there came a man.
It was Pierre. And yet could it be Pierre? For this man looked as old as the hills themselves if not older. But all the same it was Pierre. He had been captured in prison during the war when he was forty, escaped at sixty-five and made his way back to army. He had then been an adviser to the general for ten years, but had fallen ill at seventy-five. It had then taken him five years to recover. Once he was somewhat healthy he began to make his slow pain staking way back home,for five years. He had fallen sick again on his way back home and this time taken ten years to recover. As soon as he could, he began to make his back home for five years.
And now here he was, at the village meeting place. Pierre aged five score looked down at the fresh face of Lilyacka  who was still as young looking as she had been before. Tenderly thinking of what might have been he gently touched her hand. Lilyacka’s eyes opened as did all the other people around her.
The fairies Beautanea and Fairla were watching. Beautanea offered to make Lilyacka as old as Pierre but Fairla shook her head. Smiling, Fairla gave Pierre his youth back.
Pierre and Lilyacka were married that very day. And well they didn’t live happily ever after, they did live pretty well ever after.

The End.


Can we all just pause a minute and wonder where I got my names from? Lilyacka? (and at the time I thought it was really pretty, and wondered why Dad was snickering.)

Although  still do think Treedo, and Arcklenn are good names. Maybe I’ll reuse them some day for a different story.

11 thoughts on “Back in the day…

  1. True…but to me it sounds like Lily and Lack put togethre…
    but I can see why you might have found it beatiful…
    And Beautana? True I may have crazy names too in some stories…some….?
    I may not agree with you on Treedo..although it is ‘original’
    Arcklenn yes….
    Will stop pulling you apart now..:))

    • Treedo would be good for a little gnome. Or maybe just Edo. Yeah, I think I will use that someday… Beautana… I imagined it pronounce exactly like this is spelled: bew-tana. any better than what you had in mind?

  2. I like Treedo a lot…you never know, you might get a cousin named Treedo. Of course it will be when pigs fly outside you window…but in any case, I enjoy the name and I enjoyed the stories 🙂

    • Thanks AJ! Also, we got your parcel in the mail, thanks for that too! I’m working on getting your letter in the mail. But it seems like some days I’m so busy, even if it’s doing nothing. Ya know? Love, K.

  3. Kln: Loved your Ina story. Very imaginative. What did Jarvis and Fiona think? Perhaps you could write it up in a book form and get Jarv to do the pictures. Wouldn’t that be a great time capsule type of thing. The other story was okay, but it’s been done before. I think that’s called plagerism. I can understand why your Dad snickered about the name choices. But since you probably wrote these stories when you were four (wonder child that you are) we’ll keep any other comments to ourself. Love ya… GA

    • Uh, actually I wrote them when I was ten or so. Not that long ago. Yeah, I know it mimics the sleeping beauty story, thats what I was going for. I was sorta trying to hint that the witch was either on her way to or from sleeping beautys party. Don’t know how clear that hint was though. I didn’t read the stories to the kids. They prefer picture books. (well, I’m reading J HP, but ya’ know, aside from that.)

  4. Ha….
    Edo sounds good although would you really want a character named after a city in Japan?
    Bew-tana yes…but it just looks kind of odd to me…:))

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