Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

If you haven’t read the books yet then dont’ read this post! Instead go and get Harry Potter and the  Philospher’s Stone. Or, if you live close enough you can just come and borrow my copy.

For everybody else…

Wasn’t the movie awesome?

I personally really enjoyed it, but I had a few minor quibbles (as usual) with the difference between the book and the movie. I can see everyone rolling their eyes at me and saying, “Well duh Kaelen,the book is always better than the movie. Get used to it!”Let me say that I am going to restrain myself, and wont’ put up any minor minor details. (Like how Dumbledore drank the potion out of a shell that was placed beside the basin, instead of -as in the book- magicing himself a goblet to drink out of.)

1. The Burrow doesn’t burn. I mean, come on it’s The Burrow we are talking about for crying out loud. The death eaters don’t even get let loose at it till the next book.

2.Where is Tonks? I want more Tonks! She only had, like, three lines in the book anyway, but in the movie they cut it down to one and a half lines, giving most of her lines to Luna. But I like Luna a lot, so I won’t complain. (too much).

3. Was I the only one who thought that they changed Slughorn quite a bit? I imagine him as being more walrus mustachey,  fat, and way more boisterous. Although I like how they portrayed him in the movie as well, thought the actor did a very good job as a character… just not the character I expected him to be.

Thats’ all the major-ish complaints I have(for now) so let me go on to the good stuff.

Love who they cast as Bellatrix. If we can’t have Johnny Depp wormed somehow into this movie at least we can have the next best thing, right?

My favorite quote from the movie: (During a conversation in which Luna is asking Harry if he wants her to fix his broken nose.)

Harry: Have you ever fixed a nose before?

Luna: No, but I’ve done a few toes before, and noses can’t be that different. (all of this said, of course, in her ‘not quite there’ British accent.)

Ron and Hermione are finally beginning to get together. The breakup scene between Ron and Lavender-hilarious! Although I thought Won-won and Lavender’s entire relationship was funny.

I wonder who they got to play young Tom Riddle… oh, wait. *looks up on google* Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as eleven year old Tom Riddle, Frank Dillane as teenager Tom Riddle.

Anyways, I really liked both of them as Tom, thought they did the character well.

Ok, you guys can relax, that’s all the geekery from me… for today.



One thought on “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

  1. It was good for what it was. Of course there was so much more they could’ve done. Alas, the book always is better than the movie and we must resign ourselves to this fact of life. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time 🙂
    Love you

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