Random stuff I have been doing lately.

(Yeah, lame title, I know.)

Does anyone else ever seem to have next to no social interactions for a week, and then hang out in every day for a while?

It’s weird, but I usually seem to be out and about sporadically, and not very spread out.

For instance: all of last week I stayed home and babysat. (Granted, there was a reason. One of Dad’s friends from PG was visiting, and Dad seems to have a phobia of taking the younger kids out around people when he is trying to visit people. Not hard to see why though. 😛   )

And then The Night Before Last Night Mom took me out to Chapters.

Last Night I went out with the Main st. Baptist Youth Group, where I hung out, met people, and had a intense conversation. (In a good way though.)

Today I went swimming with a good friend of mine, Margie (Her Dad came along too, but he got out of the water fairly quickly and seemed more interested in his magazine.) at a beach in Quispamsis.

Tomorrow Night I’m going out with Mom to see the latest Harry Potter move. *Fangirl Squee* Everybody I’ve asked has said that this was a really good one. I’m looking forward so much!

I’ll be honest and say that I was actually considering knitting myself a tie in Slytherin house’s -that’s right, back off all Gryffindor lovers- colors to wear to the theater.

Two things stopped me though.

1. Common sense.

2.I don’t have yarn in the right shades of green and silver.

Maybe I should replace *Fangirl Squee* with *Geeky Fangirl Squee*.  Just maybe huh?

Oh, and by the way: Happy Birthday Grandma Arlis, and Happy Birthday Uncle ‘Davit’! (sorry it’s late.)

I’m not sure if Uncle David reads my blog, but if not could you please tell him MaryLou? Pretty please with a lump of sugar on top?

That’s all from Bella Evans Snape. (a fanfiction I semi-wrote in bits and pieces in my note book where Snape marries Bellatrix to produce a daughter named B. E. Snape, before divorcing Bellatrix, because he doesn’t love her. It’s all about Lily with him. Bella or goes on to either become best friends, or worst enemys with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the gang. Haven’t decided which one though

Look, just indulge me in this, Ok?)

I’m going to go look through my stash for green and silver yarn now.

5 thoughts on “Random stuff I have been doing lately.

  1. Hey sounds to me like you get lots of social time little butterfly. And really who wouldn’t want to hang with you? Poppa & I went to Fort Steele (kinda like Barkerville) and we met a 12 yr old girl working there who reminded Poppa of you. “I said, no Poppa, you can’t take her home.” It’s sad seeing a grown man all teary eyed. Did you like youth group? It seems like attending was on your “to-do” list. Luv ya… GA

  2. You are a busy young lady! I hope you enjoyed the Harry Potter movie. I will certainly pass on the birthday greetings to David for you. Hi and hugs to all.

    • Hi ML,
      I actually haven’t watched the HP movie yet.
      Mom and I missed the last showing last night, so we are going to try again tonight, armed with the knowledge that there is no nine o’clock show.

    • Uh, that was mostly fanfic details. Don’t worry (although I doubt you are) as soon as I watch the movie tonight there will be lots of technicalities. “They didn’t put that character in” “The actors hair is the wrong color.” “They skipped two of the best chapters” The movie is never as good as the book… but I still can’t wait.

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