35 things to do to take the edge off being bored.

(Because I’m too lazy to get my thoughts in order, and tell you what has been going on here lately, and lists don’t require pictures.)

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Play a board game. Monopoly anyone?
  3. Memorize something. A song, a passage from your favorite book, anything!
  4. Do a chore in the fastest possible time. If you really want to embrace your inner geek keep records of your best times. Hey, anything to make the dishes less threatening!
  5. Knit a sock. If you don’t know how to knit…
  6. Learn to knit.
  7. Make paper dolls. (with clothes!)
  8. Make three people laugh… including yourself.
  9. Start a blog. If you already have, update it.
  10. Read a chapter of that book you’ve been meaning to read. (We all have one.)
  11. Write a letter.
  12. Start a diary…
  13. And stick to it.
  14. Wiki fried Mars bars. You’ll be keeping yourself occupied, and you’ll be so disgusted that you won’t reach for  mars bar for a month. (Or at least a couple days.) Thus keeping the pounds off. ( If you care about that sorta thing.)
  15. Practice holding your breath.
  16. Hold a staring contest with a in-animate object.
  17. Record yourself doing something silly.
  18. Make a time capsule.
  19. Put on your favorite CD and break out your funkiest dance moves.
  20. Say everything with a British accent for the rest of the day. Or:
  21. Don’t say anything at all for the rest of the day.
  22. Write that novel you’ve had kicking around in your sub concious for months. It doesn’t matter if you don’t finish it.
  23. Draw even if you don’t think you are good at it.
  24. Hula hoop. If you don’t have a hula hoop see below.
  25. Jump rope. If you don’t have a rope see below.
  26. Meditate.
  27. Pretend. And if you are going to be a fairy princess than at least be a cool fairy princess- kick the princes’ butt, and promote dragon rights.
  28. Clean your bedroom: You know you need to.
  29. Solve a 600 piece puzzle.
  30. Act like hippie for a day. I you are a hippie (and kudos to you.) see below.
  31. Act like a prep for a day. If you already are a prep than see above.
  32. Send your someone a email telling them how much they rock.
  33. Send yourself a letter.
  34. Grin as wide as possible, I’m talking from ear to ear here, turn three clockwise quarter turns, touch your toes, go give someone a hug. If you are alone give your pet a hug. If you don’t own a pet give your imaginary friend (we all have one! Er… right?) a hug. If your imaginary friend is on vacation…. *Hugs.* Better than nothing.
  35. Now go write your own list of things to do to take….etc,etc.



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