Did anybody else ever read ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ (by Judith Viorst)?

Well, so far that pretty much sums up my morning.

1. I went to bed way to late last night, which is never a good thing.

2. When I woke up Simon pooed on the floor. I put him on the toliet…. he got off and pooed on the floor. (again!)
And then… when I thought all was safe, and had finally sat down- “Dun, dun, poo!”

3. It took me forever to find a good outfit for today, and I made a mess of my room while I was at it.

4. Simon pooed on the floor again. Mom was in the bath,and Dad was at work, so guess who cleaned it up? (Rhetorical question, true.)
Yours Truly.

5.When I put up a ‘Stay out’ sign (complete with all caps, underlining, and exclamation points.) on my door Mom took it down.

6. When I put up a sign bearing the legend; ‘I am socially un-inclined right now.
Thanks for your co-operation.’ She hid a smile.

There you have it.
Why my life stinks right now.

PS Did I mention that I STEPPED IN THE POO? Luckily I was wearing slippers but still…
Reminds me of the time I got out of the car after a shopping trip, ran across our front lawn, and got dog poop all over my brand new winter boots.
Never before was there poop on our lawn, and never again after. I could have killed that dog. (Or at least yelled severly at him.)


12 thoughts on “A ‘BAD DAY’.

  1. My day was worse.

    One time I got out of the car and something went “SQUISH” under my foot. Turns out Lily Rae thought it would be nice to leave me a dead shrew as a present.
    What a thoughtful kitty she is 🙂

    • haha… I’ll have to try and put the ‘poll’ option up so I can see what the consensus is on dead shrews vs simon’s poos. (I”m a poet and don’t know it.)

  2. Sorry…I don’t think your day was as bad as Kaelen’s…but stepping on a dead shrew is rather disgusting…
    And so is those Simon incidents…wow…what is wrong internally with that child? Doesn’t he understand that if he goes on the potty instead of on the floor his older sister won’t get as mad at him? I mean, come on…:)
    And seriously…it sucks when rents hide smiles when you are being perfectly serious and wish they would leave you alone….:(
    Oh rents…

    • He (simon) had been holding it in for the last three or four days… Life is not good when you are actually HOPING for pee. [?] K. Ps, yes, I likeys the length.

  3. Lol..
    *dear God…please send me pee. I beg of you. Not the other, but pee. please*
    Poor Kaelen…I need to get you out of your house…

  4. Yeah…if you are mentally saying that and practicing dark necromancy on the computer…uh…wel…you just need to get out more…

  5. Klen I can “one up” your poo story. When your mom was a baby she was sitting on the floor in the bathroom while I was peering closely into the mirror since I didn’t have my glasses on. When I looked down I could see your mom chewing on something. “what the heck” thinks I. When I bend over to check things out I discover she’s recyling the contents of her poopy diaper. No kisses for Areli for months and months. The other really good poo story I have is when we were potty training Aunty J, she used to go behind the chair and do her business. When we said “Jesse who did this?” She replied “Friend did it!” Friend = Areli.
    On a less disgusting note, do you think I beat Margie for lengthy post award?
    Love ya lots, GA

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