Would you look at that…. they did it.

My Mom and Dad, as of today, have been married for ten years.

They seem to be happy with each other… they are currently harmonizing with “I lost my poor meatball” for Jarvis. Which is a good sign- right?

*twiddles thumbs* Weeeel, it seems that was the only thing I could think of to write, so I guess I will move on to the ‘Ol’ Faithful’ “Ten things about me” so it looks as if I put some type of effort into making my posts more than a paragraph long.

  1. I like dark chocolate. And if there is some mint in there… nummity!
  2. I wuvvies the punk goth/romantic goth style. If I was ever to be a steryotype (I know I’ve already classified myself as a geek- hence the blog name- but maybe I could be a geekie-goth?) I would want to be a goth. The only problem is that I’m just not interested in death enough.
  3. I’m trying to read Lord of the Rings three right now. For some reason I’m finding it kinda hard to get into, moreso thann the other ones. I’m guessing once I get past the first five pages I’ll be hooked though.
  4. I secretly (well, not now that I’ve gone and blabbed to all of you guys) adore ‘Magic for Marigold’ a thousand times more than ‘Anne of Green Gables’, even though AOGG is more ‘famous’.
  5. My dad wants me to get off now (says the TV is over heating from being on for a long time) so it looks like I’m going to have to get off early.

Sorry folks… (then again, some of you might be happier with a shorter post coming  from me 😛      ) guess I’ll just have to wait till I get my own computer. (I wish….)



8 thoughts on “Would you look at that…. they did it.

    • Thanks, I think this is my fave layout yet. Missed you too. How was biz on Saturday? Glad I got to say hi then. Kaelen.

  1. I found Lord of the Rings 3 very difficult to get into as well. It felt really depressing and drug out especially the scenes where Frodo and Sam were struggling to get to the mountain and throw the ring in. I persevered but I have to say that LoR3 was one book that I enjoyed better on film. Things about you–who doesn’t love chocolate, minty or otherwise. That’s a given considering the genes you’ve inherited from your Grandmother. You could have “spiced up” your camping story with a daring sibling rescue from humongous mutant frogs or maybe not. GA

    • Hey Grandma. Not a bad idea with the mutant frog story…. but why would I want to rescue my sib? J/K. Kaelen.

  2. LotR 3…weelll…umm…haven’t read the books in a while, but definitely enjoyed the first 2 books more…but the end of RotK is very good…my mother wants me off the computer now….

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