Mom and Dad are friends with a British couple who we knew in Vancouver.

While we were still living in Vancouver they moved back to Britain. Life moved on, and after a (long) while we moved to New Brunswick.

The fun thing is that shortly after we had begun to feel settled in we found out that they were trying to move from Britain to New Brunswick, but due to a citizenships tangle, they were only just able to finally move in the last month or so.

Since (for some reason I haven’t the foggiest about) they couldn’t move into their house right away they were living in a cabin in ‘Adair’s Lodges and Camp’.

Eventually stuff was cleared up, and they moved into their house.

Leaving their cabin empty (even though they had paid for it, and still owned it for a few more days.).

That was when they FB’d Dad, and asked if we would like to stay in their cabin for a while. Would we? We most certainly would!

So we packed up our stuff, and drove out to the Kingston Pennisula where we spent  two days reading old copies of  ‘National Geographic’, and ‘Readers Digest’, and swimming in the little, frog inhabited, pond just up the road from us.

Then we lived happily ever after, the end.

At least, that is what I feel like saying (typing?) after that happy, non-dramatic, boring, little blurb.

In my self defense, there wasn’t much to write about, and you can’t really describe a camping trip with words. Seeing as I’m not quite ready to try and rangle with the camera for half a hour again, that is all your gonna get folks.

Everything  else I have to blog about is also happy, non-dramatic, and boring, like: I got a library card.


The house is a (even bigger) mess today.

Sorry, I will try and find drama for my next post!

Mom is telling me to get my booty off the computer anyways, so….

Over and out, Kaelen.

One thought on “Camping.

    Loved the dark necromancy on the computer thingy!! I would totally dco that!!!
    sorry for my thyping…i’m on a friends computer and her ee keyboard is not a laptop kee board…so i’m having some slight troubles going fast enoughto plaease me….

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