I live!!!!!

Anybody miss me? (Yes Margie and Moriah, I am looking at you guys.)

In case you didn’t see Margie’s comment in the ‘comment-louge’, my Dad was doing reno’s. And part of having renovations done in your house while you are living there (aside from all of your siblings stuff being moved into your room, and being confined to one side of the house for a week and a half ) is the internet being unplugged.

And for some reason I couldn’t quite figure out typing on the keyboard connected to the dead computer just doesn’t work. Neither does putting your hand on said dead computer while saying, “Work. Work. Work. Work!!!!!!!!!!” Around the time I started pointing a stick at the ‘puter while intoning the spells for the dark art of neocromancy Mom and Dad told me I should probably take a nap.

Speaking of spells, anybody seen the new Harry Potter?

I haven’t but I want to.

And isn’t this the one where…. snap, I forgot, non-readers. Lets just say that my feelings when I read the book were, “OMG, what did Snape just do? It was a trick, right? Dumbledore? Dumbledore, say something! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!”

Ahem. *wipes tear from eye.* Oh, was that ever painful.

On another note… piccies!file:///Users/petertaylor/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/2009/05/19/P1070303.JPG Ok, Maybe it should be more like picture.

We don’t have very many pics of the kids that are recent. This one (if it works) was from five months ago.

But never fear! Mom gave me her old camera (Auntie Jess gave her and Dad one as a joint birthday present) so I will go and snap away.

Until then, enjoy seeing Simon.


Mom wants me to do chores, so I will post more later.

See ya’ll ’round.



2 thoughts on “I live!!!!!

  1. MY SWEET YOUR ARe SO COOL when you look up cool in the dictionary there you will see your name.I wood read a book by you any time.I love you greatly For ever.

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