Adventures in bathing the kids.

I haven’t done that for a long time. But tonight they were dirty, and I’m babysitting, so….. onward brave solider!

It all started out easily enough. Jarvis was playing a 1/2 hour of video game, which he was really excited about (he hasn’t been allowed for a while) so he was happy, and would leave the other two alone while I bathed them.

I told Fiona that she could pose in the bathtub, and I would draw a picture of her as a mermaid, so she was happy.

Simon was just happy to be in a potential mess-making situation

I sketched a quick mermaid pic of Fiona while she was in the tub, then went and got some colored pencils to finish it with.

I was right beside the bath, I could hear them, and they weren’t in any danger.

I thought I smelled something odd for a moment…. oh if only I had followed my instinct. Instead I continued asking Fiona how she wanted me to color her mermaid, not paying any attention to Simon. (In case you are wondering Fiona wanted a ‘pinky-reddy tail’, ‘lellow-orangey eyes’,’pinky neckalce’, ‘purple-pinky shirt’, and ‘purple hair’. )

When If was finished I turned around… and saw Simon covered with shaving cream.


The dishes are calling, siren-like.

Your reluctant sailor,


PS before everybody thinks I’m a awful baby sitter, let me just mention that I often babysit the kids, and this is the first time this has happend. Sorry, but I just had to clear that up for the sake of personal pride.


PPS how was everyones Canada Day? My was tense, followed by a major breakdown the next morning. On the flip side, I got to see my friends, (which wasn’t tense) which totally rocked, since I haven’t seen them for three weeks. In pre-teen speak that is akin to a couple of years, so it was a good ‘reunion’.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in bathing the kids.

  1. Tense? What do you mean breakdown? You’d better email you’re Aunty Jesse and tell her what’s up!!!
    Shaving cream, shmaving cream…big woop! Coulda been poo!!!

  2. lol…
    Funny to me, not funny to you….
    That is totally my kind of toddler…*ooh, what’s in that big shiny metal can? Let’s press the top and see what comes out*
    See you tomorrow…at churchy!!
    I have letters!!
    Keep Shrimp occupied!!

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