Not quite such a quickie.

Hopefully this post will be more than one line long.

What did you guys do on your weekend? I can’t really remember what we did on Saturday (my short term memory is sort of freaking me out) but on Sunday Jarvis and I went with our next door neighbours, the Guimonds, to their cottage in French Village.

I went swimming (sort of), exploring for wild strawberries (yummers!), helped to dig out part (about one wheelbarrow full) of the basement (this didn’t work too well, since I was wearing flip-flops), and ate more sugar (mostly in the form of roasted/burned marsh mellows) than was good for me.

——————————            —————————           ————————–

I woke up a ten after five this morning, in the hopes of getting some ‘bright and early me time’ seeing as everyone else in our house stays in bed till the more sane hour of seven.

Unfortunately Fiona also decided she wanted to get up at ten after five, so my ‘bright and early me time’ turned into my ‘watching the kids so Mom doesn’t freak out when they come in her bedroom time’. (they only want a cuddle… during which they cuddle and talk the entire time. who wouldn’t want that?!?)

I have this internal conflict; I like getting up early, but I also like going to  bed late. I need to figure out some way to do both of these without feeling like killing one of my siblings. (it can be hard enough to resist the urge without dealing with exhaustion as well)

Coffee anyone? (I can make good espresso, if I do say so myself.)

Hmm, I can’t really think of anything else… time to pull out the old ‘ten random things about me’.

  1. I like to call flip-flops ‘flippies’.
  2. I am reading ‘King of the Wind’ by Marguerite Henry. Not to diss her books or anything (I think she is an awesome writer) but I sometimes wonder if she has got a slight case of ‘horses on the brain’?
  3. I prefer to shop at second hand shops. (value village, frenchys, clothesline….)
  4. I just realized a little while ago that it has been one year, six days since we moved to saint john. (or something like that…)
  5. I love the Jak series for PS2, and hope to get ‘Jak Two; Renegade’ soon, as it was already hard to find, but what with the PS3 is becoming virtually extinct. (well, not really, I’m sure I could get it from E-bay, or Amazon, but it is harder to find then any of the other series.)
  6. I worked on my bedroom today. (what do you mean you find this stuff boring??!! It’s absolutely enthralling. Right?)
  7. I’ve lately started brushing my teeth with baking soda, and I find that it actually works better than toothpaste.
  8. Happy Canada Days Eve!!!!!!!!!
  9. I finished a skein of yarn the other day. It’s a nice blue, with streaks of green and yellow. Hand spun on my Mom’s old hand spindle. It is a bit over twisted, but I’m hoping that a nice soak will straighten it out.
  10. If you want to know the real reason why I didn’t post for so long it’s because I was hibernating. Because I’m part bear. Sort of a were-bear, if you will. And why did I hibernate for a week in June instead of through the winter you ask… ’cause I’m a were-bear you silly! Don’t you know that were-bears only hibernate in June? Sheesh, I thought any fool would know that.

Well that’s all the random brain fluff for today folks.

Over and out,


PS, It’s nice to be awake again. ;p

3 thoughts on “Not quite such a quickie.

  1. Lollie!! As in LOL+ie…you know….right?
    You need to take anger management classes from Gandy! If I could remember his toll free phone number, I’d give it to you…it was like
    1-800-GANDALF or something….should try calling that and see if anybody picks up…:))
    No this is not the New York Operator…
    Have you ever played operator?
    You should have.
    Went to the Law’s today (remember Hannah?) and talked perhaps more than was precisely good for the post-tonsillectomy throat. Also, running up a hill trying to avoid short people *coughs* is not good after you’ve been lying around for a week….it makes you feel rather queer in the stomach region…
    Ate real food today. Then cried because I couldn’t eat more real food. It sure is a sad world..:((

  2. Kaelen! I found your blog, as you can see, heh, and I am so excited! I have flipped through a bunch of your posts and all I can say is you’re the coolest 12 year old gal i know. Hope to see you soon! Keep writing!!


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