Here you go.

Someone *coughmargiecough* has been telling me I should post.

Fine! But I’ll do it because I want to, not because you tell me too! ….Sorry, Mrs Piggle-Wiggle moment. (a good book I read once.)

Did anyone read the comments for my last post? If so I’d like to clear a few things up out of personal pride.

I did not write a little ‘I miss you so much’ note whilst impersonating as my aunt on my own blog. What happened is that I signed into my blog account on her computer and forgot to sign out. So when she tried to post a comment her computer thought she was me, and acted accordingly.

Does that clear anything up?

Anything at all?


Are you sure?

Well fine, be like that. ( By the way, I miss you too, Auntie Jesse.)

I guess you’ve probably figured it out, but if not I’ll tell you.

My aunt left early (And boy do I mean EARLY.) Wednesday morning.

I wanted to say goodbye to her, so I asked Mom to wake me up when they were getting ready to go to the airport.

So Mom woke me up, around four thirty in the am, and I followed her, thinking she was taking me to say good bye to Auntie Jesse.

Actually, she had gone into her bedroom to ask Dad a question, Auntie Jesse was in the living room.

But I thought Dad was Auntie Jesse. (Keep in mind that I didn’t have my glasses on, and had just gotten up, so everything was pretty blurry.)

Anyways, I finally figured out that Dad was Dad, and went into my room, where Auntie Jesse had gone to find me.

So I went, and hugged her, and told her I would miss her, and as soon as I pulled away to get some more shut eye (keep in mind, also, that my room was dark.) she said she thought I was my Mom.

O-o…. I think everyone was feeling pretty sleep deprived.

While I’m on the subect of Auntie Jesse, when she was here we watched Stardust one night.

Did anybody else see that?

I enjoyed it, the story line was a little predictable, but it had some good humor, and enough quirks to keep you watching.
It also had Julliet from Julliet and Romeo (by Baz Lurhman.) as the main actress. No idea who the guy was though…

For some reason my dashboard thingie isn’t telling me how many words I’ve written which is driving me CRAZY.
I know, sad, but I really enjoy mentally challenging myself to write five hundred (Or six, or seven, depending on how tired I’m feeling at the time.) words at least per post.
And yeah… I haven’t done too-too much today, can’t really think of too much too say.
The morning I spend in shower, finding what to wear, breakfast, and chores. Late morning/Early afternoon was mostly re-reading books(Beauty by Robin McKinley anyone?), and Late afternoon was just…. ‘stuff’. You know, listening to favorite CD for the billionth time (The Capitol Years, Frank Sinatra.), calling Grandparents, and… stuff.

After supper we went over to a friends and listened to some people playing music for a while. (half hour or so.)
It was OK, it didn’t exactly thrill me.

And after some aimless time spent on quizilia I noticed that ‘a person who shall be nameless’ had requested a blog post (C’mon, it’s only four days! That’s not so bad. Well, not compared to some of the spaces of time between some of my posts.)so I applied myself to this baby.

And now my neck and shoulders hurt from looking at the TV which is mounted on the wall, (Read earlier posts for explanations of just why our computer monitor is the TV.) so I am going, even if my stupid word count won’t tell me how long this post is. (I think my record was eight hundred something words.)

Over and Out,

10 thoughts on “Here you go.

  1. SORRY!! Gosh!! Touchy!! Hello!!!
    Enough exclamation marks Margie, I know….
    Right…I get that aunt thing. Ireally do…(aunt not ant you BCer you!!)
    Quizila? uHH…Uhhh…
    I always end up asking dumb questions like that. Some one sent me a Count Dooku quote a few days ago as Count D, and I’m like, I know I’m Supposed to know this…but I don’t. Who the heck is count D?
    Kaelen…go read your e-mail and see my two line tale of Shrimp woe….
    You need to come to church…man…uhh…girl…uhh…elf?

  2. hmmm…I can see me mistaking you for your mother, but you mistaking me for you father???? Seriously??? I’m insulted!!!!!

  3. Do men have nice figures? I’ve heard they “cut a fine figure” or “leave it to a man to figure” but I think they prefer to be told “nice bod” or “look at those biceps”. However, with your Dad, I could be wrong. I must say Kaelen your eyes are bad if you mistake auntie Jesse (nice figure) and your Dad (tall, lean and uh masculine) for each other. Not to mention other dead giveaways like length, hair color, odor, outline, etc. I know, I know, sleep deprivation….r-i-g-h-t (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Love you even if you can’t see so good… GA

  4. Umm…Kaelen…this was posted on the 20th. It is now the 27th.
    I’ll leave it up to you to interpret that.
    You get back on here, missy.

  5. Kaelen, I like your friend Margie… either post or… well, never mind. I miss y’all lots. Especially after all the pics. sigh, sigh, sigh. Talk to you later. GA

  6. Kkkkkkaelen….
    Where the heck are you…..
    I wasn’t at church yesterday….
    So if you were actually there….sorry….
    Come back and post….

  7. KAELEN!!! POST!!!! It seems you have dropped of the face of the earth, or off the face of the internet… I dunno…. I haven’t seen you in a while, like couple weeks! Well, anyways, toodles đŸ˜€

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