(Yes, I’m back to titles- for now.)

I came to the blog in desperation for some sanity. Mom and Auntie Jesse are arguing over the name ‘Elliot’.

Mom said that she didn’t want anymore kids, but then again… if she did she would have one boy one girl (Yeah… you can really pre-plan these things….) name them Lucy (poor kid.) and Elliot (no, I take that back, Lucy is a blessed child compared to Elliot. Poor kid.)

Auntie Jesse said that no, if she ever had a kid she was naming her (AJ says Elliot can be a girl’s name.) Elliot Grace. Poor, poor, poor children.

…. On another subject…

How was your guy’s weekend? Ours was a series of ups and downs, smooth road and potholes, and sunshine and clouds (litterally, the sun on Saturday would come out for two minutes, go back in for two minutes, come back out for two minutes, go back in for two minutes….etc,etc.) and other ‘upie and downie type metaphors’.

On Saturday we set off for the Kingston Pennisula market bright and early (the first time ever) were getting there early… and the ferry (Pennusula Princess) took forever.ย  So we got to the market around eleven-thirty, like we usually do.

After we had- looked at jewlery, said hi to Evyln (friend from skating, sorry if I spelled her name wrong) and gotten lunch we went to Gator Falls (a small, private, beautiful, swimming hole) and had fun.

I swam for ten or so minutes- I was the only one.ย  It was beautiful, but when I put my face in the water I would swim three strokes (it doesn’t help that I am the worst swimmer ever, though I still love swimming.) and then clutch at my face saying, “Oh god my face, it’s so cold.”

I’m not making it sound that enjoyable, but if you had been there you would realize just how great it was.

We drove around for a little while, and went down to a little beach. It looked as if it would be safe for the van to go down, (It seemed to be rocks, not sand.) though the angle was pretty steep. As soon as we went down we couldn’t go back up.

About ten minutes after Dad had gone down we were stuck. It turned out that there was a thin layer of rocks over a whole lot of sand. The van dug down through the rocks in about two seconds, and we were spinning in place.

Everybody got out of the van, I watched the kids, and all the adults (Dad, Jesse, Isaac, Matt.) pushed, while Mom drove the van.

Just as the van got out of the sand, and back onto the road, the people who owned the beach showed up and got all upset at us. (though they didn’t even have a Private Property sign.)

After that we went home without further incident.

On sunday we skipped church and went to the St. Martin’s caves.

While we were there I picked up a bunch of shells and seaweed and stuff to make craft projects.

We went to a couple of garage sales, I found (brace yourselves, this is a real score.) ‘The Halfblood Prince’ for four dollars, and ‘Deathly Hallows’ for five dollars. Hardback.ย  Deathly Hallows is forty-five dollars in store. That completes my series. *and I’m so happy, so very ha-a-ppy.*

Dad dropped Auntie Jesse and I off at Cirqe Du Soliel on our way back into St. John. Auntie Jesse realized that she didn’t need the ‘good’ seats, since the place was so small.

We traded in our tickets, Jarvis came in for the ride, and our seats were only put up five rows back. And Jesse got four bucks back. And we could still see just fine.

Sorry if the last part of this post feels rushed, but I’m doing this on Auntie Jesse’s laptop (So nice to do this on a computer that was made in the last five years.) and she wants to blog.

Over and out,


PS, thanks for the comments, I always feel so happy when I get a ‘So-and-so commented on such-and-such post’.



8 thoughts on “Weekend-ness.

  1. It’s Evelyn….but close….
    Went swimming with Moriah and Rachel Lenton (Lenten? Lenton? Lenton.) at the “homeschoolers beach day” (where 3 homeschoolers showed up…lame…)
    Cirque de Soleil good?
    I guess Harbour Station is kind of small…I guess I’m so small town that I think it’s huge….
    Names? Why decide beforehand? (kidding….)
    You want my opinion?
    Actually, no, you probably dont…..:))
    E-mail me. You’ve been gone…
    Were the caves cool? I don’t think I’ve ever been (and I’ve lived here for 12 years) but maybe I have….like if I say I’ve never been to hte caves, my dad will go, like, yes you were when you were like 5 and I go like, am I supposed to remember that…..
    Good finds. I have the Two Towers and the Return of the King for about 10 bucks each from dinky sales at walmart etc…but HL gave me extended version FOTR….yey…
    Long comment…should go…
    May the Force be with you,

  2. OH my word Kaelen, I miss you so much my chest feels like it will split open and my heart will fall out onto the floor and then a passer-byer will accidentally trip over it and it will go flying down the cobble road never to be seen again. I will definitely come see you sooner than later. Love you my darling niece ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so proud of who you are!

  3. It’s so weird that you would pose as your Aunt and leave yourself such a mushy note??? You must know how much she loves you and misses you to do some an amazing impression of her! Another reason she loves you so much…you dramatic flare ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. but that was before i saw the daereling niece part…
    ‘hunt and peck tuyping. i’m eating a very hot cookei…

  5. do you want me to bring cookies tomorrow? And letters? will you be there?
    They’re very good cookies….I’ve had about 2 and a half….*blushes guiltily* this is what I do when I’m baking….because they are my preciousss cookiesss…and no one can take them from me unless I give them to you….
    Should make that into a song *starts singing “we are nerds we are nerds we are nerdy nerd nerd nerds”* ahh the good old times…

  6. O my gosh…I think the ocean breezes must rust your brains. Of course, I am a very l-o-n-n-n-g-g way away from 12. GA.

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