I have mentioned how much I hate thinking of titles, right?

Well, I also hate thinking of intros, since I never can. So how about I just write, huh?

Yesterday was pretty fun.

I finally got to wear a sundress that I bought in September and had stashed in the back of my ‘under the bed clothes holding slidy box’ (I sereiously doubt that it is really called that, but whartevs.).  It is such a pretty fabric, and I really like it. (While, obviously I did, since I liked it enough to get it in the dead of fall.)

Mr and Mrs Christ picked me up for church, which was nice of them. Thanks!

Margie and I finally got the letters sorted so we could give them to Moriah. (If you don’t know what the letters are, don’t ask. You don’t want to know)

When I got home the entire fam went on a hike. By the end of it I was dead on my feet, but it was enjoy able,none the less. I really need to get back in shape.

So yes, I enjoyed yesterday.

And now for something completely diferent.

I was listening to some old worship music of mine. (I call it old, not because it is old, but because I’ve had it for three or so years.) And I really like it.

I find this funny, since it it is kind of ‘kiddie worship’, but it is one of the  few worship CDs we own that I actually get a ‘spirtual buzz’ (for lack of a better description.) off of.

‘Nyways, not much else to say (or type for that matter.)

Over and out,


2 thoughts on “I have mentioned how much I hate thinking of titles, right?

  1. lol kk…
    yeah, nobody ask about the letters….umm…..uhh….
    I think i have to go do school now.
    You’re welcome, btw….
    May the Force Be With You,
    Master M.M.T.

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