Summery, summery, summery!

You make me feel so young.

You make me feel so Spring has Sprung!

Yes, I realize that this is the second time  in a row I have put a Frank Sinatra reference, but that song really does seem to apply today!

Today is warm, and sunny,and happy, I got a letter yesterday, and the we found the camera cord. (I just need to get my butt in gear and post the pictures.) I am happy.

We went out to the garden centre (I’ve already forgotten the name, sorry.) and Mom and Dad bought lots of plants while I chased my siblings around.

The plants must have just been watered or something, cause there were these huge puddles all along the perimeter of the hot house. (And it was a big hot house. I think my Dad thought he had died and went to heaven) so the kids went splashing through those. Which was half fun, half stressful.

Allow me to make a little list for you.

Things the kids did to drive me crazy

  • Kneel and crawl through the water.
  • Take their shoes off.
  • Lie down in the water.
  • Simon decided to take his shirt off, Jarvis tried to. I say tried since I stopped Jarvis; one half naked baby is bad enough.

When Simon was completely soaked Dad said enough was enough, and he had us get in the van.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually thought all this was kind of fun. But the difference between me and the kids would probably be that only my shoes (Not that it really matters; I was wearing Crocs.) and the cuffs of my pants got wet. And my shirt. But that was mostly since I was carrying a protesting wet baby to the van. (Simon)

Also I recently discovered that we have wild lilac bushes (I use the word ‘bushes’ loosely since the Lilac bushes are big enough to be classified as trees.) up on the rocks behind Joe Moelette’s place.

I just picked a big bunch of them, and I can still smell them. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

The other night we were watching one of the old Star Trek movies. It is called…

(It says ‘Star Trek IV The Voyage Home’ in case you can’t read it.)

Behold the promo pic, in all it’s eightish goodness.

As we say in my house, “It’s like future, as the eighties saw it.”

Live long and prosper peeps- and soak up the rays.(sun that is)

Over and Out,


P.S. Why yes, I did change my display. Again.  What can I say? The old one was depressing, and not at all like the weather! Heh heh…. yeah.



One thought on “Summery, summery, summery!

  1. Was the Truth poem the Leggie Like Poetry thing that you told me that was on your blog in an e-mail a long time ago?

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