It was a very good year…

Well, how about we make that a day?

…I keep trying to type stuff, but it just looks cheesy, so how about I just tell you what I did, huh?

Wake up moderately early. This makes me happy since I prefer getting up before Mom. More hot water in the shower. (This doesnt’ make her quite so happy since I’m not a very fast shower-er)

Get dressed- several times. Finally choose outfit.

Eat a orange. (I can just see your faces glazing over as this blog post degenarates in the boredom of what I ate for breakfast today.)

Mad pitch in to clean up before we go to church.

Eat the rest of my breakfast.

Finish cleanup.

Go to church.

Church. (what more can I say?)


Read the Pendragon book Margie lent me (Not yet released in Canada!) out loud in the garden to Dad. He didn’t tell me to stop, so I think he must have been sort of interested.

Go to Dark Lake, hike around. Dad brought the bikes, but after awhile I hid mine, and just walked, since I’m not used to ‘mountain biking’. The most intense trail I’ve ever biked before was paved with gravel.


Read more of Pendragon book.

Evening stuff. (Dinner, Dishes whilest listening to ‘Good Time Oldies’ station, etc,etc.)

And thats it, short and sweet.

Over and out,


PS You may have noticed that I changed my ‘display’. It’s actually kinda (I never thought I’d say this) addicting.


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