Blame the cord… blame the cord.

Well, obviously the pics are still not up yet. Scientists should figure out a way to hook a digital camera up to the computer without all these little ‘bits and peices’. Allow me to distract you by…

Changing the face of bloggie. This um…(what are these things called? Display? Face? I’ll go with display.) display is called ‘Almost Spring Time’. However, I have to disagree. Look at the weather peeps! It is spring time. Well at least in Saint John. In fact the weather is beautiful.

(I know , the weather, how mundane.)But for some reason the beautiful weather hid for the weekend. I thought it was supposed to be ‘April showers’?

At any rate, we are getting ‘May flowers’. The crab-apple trees have put out pink buds over night, the lawn keepers night mare-dandelions- are up and at ’em, and wild strawberry plants are every where.

After so much cold and wet I am LOVING it!  I’m going to try and soak it up while I can, since the forecast is ‘less than promising’.

(apparently, you never can tell with forecasts.) We are going to go down to 3+ tonight, and ,though I can’t remember what tomorrow will be like for the life of me,  Wednesday is (I think, I was doing the dishes while I listened) cloudy, with sunny periods.

And may I tell you just with what I heard the weather forecast? My own radio/CD player!

I mean, I always knew I had it, but it was stashed away before, and now you can’t actually listen to stuff with it! (I have recently been unpacking some stuff((see below)) this was something that had been ‘stored’)

In honor of the moment I organized all my CD’s… and realized that at least half of my collecting is ‘Adventures In Odessy’. That doesn’t even include all the tapes that got thrown out when our tape player got broken, and we bought a CD player. I had TONS of tapes.

I’m doing a lot of unpacking lately, and I reminisced that it was sort of like unpacking bits of my life. And then I wondered how much of my life was based around my jewelery.

I seriously have no idea how I could have so much of it when I rarely ever wear it. Well, actually I know just how. My Papa goes to lots of flea markets, jewelry shops, and places like that. He also really likes spoiling me. Add them together… and you get lots of jewelry.

I have been making ‘books’ lately It’s really easy, and fun. I learned how at Nate and Kate’s, but I kind of cheat.

What I do is sew the pages together, glue the cover on, and then glue in the lining. (the cover and lining paper are card-stock.)

When you decorate  them they are so cute.! I making four so that the little guys can decorate/and write in one as well.

I’ve got to go, Fiona is blasting music on my player. (I thought it was the teenager who was supposed to play loud and wild music. Of course The loudest music I have is probably a CD a friend gave me, everything else is either worship that I got  when I was eight years old, or Odyssey. As I was saying to my Mom earlier, I need some ‘rebellious teen music to make her worry’. ;P   )

Over and Out,


PS-I wanted to mention that Margie is going to start the Scrips spelling bee Eight Thirty tomorrow.


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