I promise, I’m going to put pictures up!

Okay I realize I said there was going to be a surprise yesterday, but I didn’t even post.

But to post about my surprise I need pictures, and to have pictures the camera needs to be uploaded, and to upload the camera I need a wire, and to find the wire I need Dad, and Dad is at work.

So maybe I could just post about why I didn’t post yesterday??? What do you think? No? Well to bad! I hold the keys password to this blog, and I am in control! Muhahahahaha!!

Ahem….yeah. Anyways… this is why I didn’t post yesterday.

We went and swam in Dark Lake! Well, I swam, everybody else just sat around, and tanned. Wimps. ;p

It was surprisingly warm. I was thinking that if it warm now think what it will be like after a month of this nice weather? I can’t wait ’till June! Even though it was pretty warm I only swam for twenty minutes, in two ten minute sessions. But it was still fun. I had forgotten how much I love swimming… ❤

Mom and Dad went hiking/trailblazing, they said that they found some cool caves, which I would like to check out sometime this summer.

At times like this I wish that my birthday was in the summer. I mean, in January you can sit around indoors, or swim indoors, or do something like bowling. I’m not dissing bowling or anything, just saying it would be fun to swim outdoors on my birthday for once.

Then again, I suppose I could go swimming on my birthday. Still…. maybe I’ll just throw a party in the summer time. It would be a lot easier.

I was going to write a ‘ten things more than you want to know about me’, but decided that I’ll be different  in this post and write a ‘ten things I’ve learned through my experience with baking’

  1. People always love a chocolate chip cookie.
  2. People will love your chocolate chip cookies a heck of a lot more if you don’t burn them, so watch you chocolate chip cookies, and-
  3. The first time you try out a recipe do not plan on giving it away.
  4. Experience Three also can apply to the second and third times you make a recipe.
  5. However  if you have tried a cookie recipe over three times and it is still not working out (In which case you have way more stick-to-it-nivess than I have.) you need a new cookie recipe.
  6. Anything tastes better chocolate chips, or sprinkles. Using chocolate sprinkles is just getting cheeky.
  7. Fruit cake will almost always get you more glares than compliments. (I am not a Fruit Cake baker, but I have been a Fruit Cake Getter, and I have not appreciated it.) That said, if you know someone who likes Fruit Cake, and have no objections to Fruit Cake yourself, bake that Fruit Cake!
  8. Peanut Butter cookies are the work of the devil. I have tried making Peanut Butter cookies several times, Never with good results. If you are someone who can bake Peanut Butter cookies that actually resemble a cookie, and do not crumble in your hand… power to you.
  9. Always bake you cookie/cake/whatever about two minutes less than the smallest amount of time given, before you check on your goods.

10. If you are making a triple, or quadruple batch of something, you will (unless you have one of man’s greatest inventions, the Bosch) probably need to mix your wet ingredient into your dry ingredients in small batch. (I learned that the hard way.)

Wow…. rereading that it looks like I really know what I’m doing when it comes to baking. At the risk of sounding cheesy, and having false humilty, I want to say this. I still have trouble with baking, (yes, even someone as great as I… ;p   ) and the only way to really learn how to bake, is to do it.

So…. I’m going to hit the publish button, and make a batch of Ginger Cookies.

Over and Out,


PS I wanted to apologize for my links the other day. They are….yeah.



2 thoughts on “I promise, I’m going to put pictures up!

  1. I can make Peanut Butter cookies.
    I’ll whip up a batch for you someday. I think that they’re edible.
    So does my Mom, who is a complete PB cookie lover.

  2. You can always have a half-birthday on July 7th.
    I love fruitcake and made a really good one once.
    I would have been tanning too – I don’t like cold water – yes, Kaelen, it is always cold!!
    We are awaiting the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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