Ummmm… I have’t got a title.

Hello peeps.
I’m quite proud of myself, this is ‘only’ five days since I put my last post up ;P
I think I am going to do this in the form of ‘ten things about me’ since I am way too lazy to try and piece all these random pieces of bloggy together into a post any other way.

1.Congrats to Moriah Russel! Check out the story here.

2. The fam, Jeff, Isaac, and Nate (I think that is everybody, if I left someone out I apoligize) went down to see the dead Basking Shark at SunSide park yesterday.

3. Jarvis and I have been playing in the Guimonds backyard lately, on the rocks making a fort. Very fun. In fact, I stayed outside for at least four or five hours today, possibly more.
Let me just say that when I came in I was pooped. Which led to…

4. I made a coffee with Dad’s espresso machine. It wasn’t as good as the coffees he makes, but it was drinkable. And I wasn’t quite so tired after the caffeine. I’m starting young… ;P Hah, just kidding.

5.  I have this strange craving for sour candies. Well, it doesn’t have to be sour candies, any type of jelly candy would do. About once every six months I want jelly candies, and then, until the next craving, I think they are gross. Weird, huh?

6. Isaac just came over with some fresh juice. Mmmm.

7. Since the link option works now I’m going to try and post the links I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) before.

8.(some of) My least favorite actors; Whoever plays Anakin Skywalker…*checks on wikipedia* aah, yes, Hayden Christensen. Tom Hanks. I dis-like HC way more than TH, and only have seen TH in ‘Castaway’, but it was enough. I dis-like him. Case closed.

Urg, Simon just shutdown the computer, which meant I had to restart it… that boy has been a bundle of trouble tonight. Right now I think he is in Fiona’s bedroom, she is supposed to be sleeping, so I’m going to have to go get him.
Got him. Sigh…. on with the list.

9. I love drawing. Right now I’m in a cartoonie goth/werewolf/fanart phase.
Mom says that she likes my drawings, and finds them different, since instead of trying to make my characters thin, and ‘etheral’ (unless it is a mermaid- I always draw thin, and rather ‘streched out’ mermaids.) I usually make my characters a little bit plump. Not fat or anything, but with full lips, cheeks, and I like giving them ‘bottom heavy hourglass’ shapes, instead of a ‘perfect hourglass shape’.

Speaking of Goth, I am planning a little ‘surprise’ for tommorrow….

Over and out,


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