Random thoughts.

Today I can’t really think of anything to put up, and I can’t really think of any interesting ‘Ten Things About Me’, so I am just going to put up some random thoughts and/or recent events as they enter my mind, and call it a post.

I like chamomile tea. (Hey, I told you these were going to be random!)
My siblings also like chamomile tea.
This does not bode well for me getting to drink chamomile tea.

I played a impromptu game of soccer with some friends earlier today.
I like playing soccer, but…
I suck at soccer.

I am re-reading Pride and Prejudice for the third or fourth time.
Ah Pride and Prejudice; how I adore thee. With thy dry wit, and good plot. How could I not love thee? With thy ridiculous Mr. Collins, Snarky Lady Catherine De Bourgh (How I wanteth to bop her over the head!) Dashing Mr. Darcy, and- of course- the humorous Miss Elizabeth Bennet!
*Notices people staring* “Oh, um… yeah.” (nervous giggle)

I realize that I need a good kick in the pants when it comes to blogging. I like blogging when I actually get down to it, but I don’t very often get down to it.
Sigh… I need to figure something out.  Maybe someone could follow me around and give me a swift boot in the butt when I haven’t posted in four days or something.  Now where could I hire someone qualified for that?…

I like Kiera Knightley. She acted as Elizabeth in ‘ The Pirates of The Caribbean’ (Which ROCKED. Except the second one. That just… less than rocked. Or so I thought.) and also in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice.
Pride and Prejudice… let me count the ways that I love thee…

Sorry… but it IS a good book.

Man… I seem to have run out of things to say. And nothing is popping into my head except things like; ‘Man my back is sore’, and ‘Wow, this keyboard is really hard to type with’. (The keys stick.)

Oh wait- did I mention that I started crocheting? Well I did. (start crocheting, that is.)

I’m only on my third or so project (and the first project where I actually know what I’m doing.) and I already want to try out a sweater… ambitious much?

It started when I was trying to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket for Simon.
The pattern I was trying to use was WAY too cryptic, and unlike the knitting patterns I was used to.
EZ- you may rock, but the way you write out your patterns does not.
Maybe I’ll try a Debbie Bliss sweater later… I’ve done a sweater of hers before, and it was pretty easy.

Well, I’ve exhausted that topic, and by now the ONLY thoughts popping into my head are these; ‘Oh, my back.’ OH, my BACK.’ ‘OH MY BACK!!!’
My back is a wee bit sore. (Our computer monitor blew out so we hooked the computer up to the TV. Which is fine, except the TV is mounted on the wall, and to reach the keyboard and mouse you have to sit on the floor and crane your neck WAY up to see the TV. Ouch.)

Over and out,


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