Argh, I know I am not a good blog poster.

Yes, I know, and admit it.
I am sorry.
Does the fact I did community service today help?
Wait a minute… no, not community service, as in jail type community service. Ok, various relatives who think I am a wee bit young to start a life of crime? (And yeah, I know that my grammar is pretty sucky.)
Anyways, I litter picked. (Is that even a word/phrase?) all the way from the Irving Gate at the end of Bridge Street to the corner of the park. (You may not know what I mean since that isn’t a very good explanation, so let me just tell you that it was a LOT of litterpickingup to do.)
No, I am not a noble person. Mr Guimond gave me ten bucks to do it. (Which is actually very community servicy of him, since that isn’t even his land. I think it is either crown land or Irving land. Not sure which.)
Since I don’t really know what else to post about I will post about the garbage I picked up. (No, don’t run away, I’m not THAT crazy. Just sort of crazy.)

What kind of garbage there was the most of.
1st prize- cigarette butts. I didn’t even pick up all of the butts, there were just too many of them.
2nd prize- Tim Horton coffee cup lids. Not very many coffee cups, but there were tons of lids. Makes you wonder what happened to the cups…

Strangest garbage.
1st prize- Hub cap. I kid you not, I was picking stuff up, and there was this cracked Hub cap. It was odd. VERY odd.
2nd prize- A shirt. Old, moldy, and ragged, but it was still a shirt. Or what was left of one… it had kind of disintegrated.
3rd prize- A soup ladle taped to a stick. Makes you wonder what it was used for…

Just plain disgusting garbage.
There is only one that really deserves to be up here.
What I think was a condom.
Aside from the above it was actually kind of fun picking up stuff. I knew I was making it way cleaner, and it made me… happy.
I kind of feel like I just helped God or something.
Yeah I know, weird, but it does feel good to get out there and DO something.
The only thing is I feel like keeping guard over my clean strip of grass with a big stick, and looking out for litterers. That is a normal feeling, right? ;p
To get our minds off garbage here are some pics. (these are for relatives. If you are not related feel free to skip these.

Actually on second thought… never mind. I have no idea how to upload pics, so just forget it. Sigh. I’m sorry relatives (I’m looking at you Papa.) I will have to ask Mom to show me how.

Just imagne a cute two year old, a cute four year old, and a cute seven year old.And then imagne me, two inches taller then when you last saw me.

Over and out,



One thought on “Argh, I know I am not a good blog poster.

  1. I know that God is proud of you. Whether you did it for money or not, you did help Him. After all, He gave us the earth and told us to take care of it. It’s getting harder and harder to do it these days, but we are not to give up. You be vigilant with your part my dear!! Good on you!
    Better ask your dad to show you how, it’ll probably happen sooner than if you ask your mom. It’s not that hard actually.
    I am counting down the days until I get to hang out with you and go shopping and do makeup and go for coffee and book looking!!! Only 37 more days!!!

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