Three birthdays, and a rant.

First – for the birthdays.

Uncle Mark- I’m sorry this is late, but happy birthday.

My Dad- Thirty three years old today. Old geezer. How long till he croaks… just kidding!

My Mom- On May fourth, she will be thirty one. Dad and her are going to have a joint party this Saturday if the weather is good. Heck, they might even have it if the weather isn’t good.

Happy Birthday all.

Now for the rant;

I was googling for makeup/costume ideas and I found this.

It is a tween girl costume for crying out loud! They even list it as such, not Adult, or even Teenager (which is still pretty bad) buy as tween. As in the ages 10-13.

I just… am mad. And that is to put it mildly.

Not only that, but every single other women’s costume I have seen (store bought that is.) has been extremely revealing, crossing the line from costume, to lingerie.

The only women’s costumes I have seen that are;

a) realistic.

b) covering.

c) better fitting, and overall, better looking

Were all homemade.

Men’s costumes are scary, or funny as the chracter implies. You want a Prince Charming costume? You got a Prince Charming costume.

If you want a Snow White (Or whatever.) costume you get a grand selection. Brace yourselves;

Snow White costume with the hemline up to here. Snow white costume with the hemline up to here, and the neck line down to here. (In case you didn’t think the last two Snow White costumes showed off enough skin.)  Naughty Snow White. Sexy Snow White. Dark (This costume consists of the Sexy Snow White, except it is dyed black and red.) Snow White.

Now imagne looking for fairy costume, and stumbling on a page of Tinker Bell costumes. This character already has a skimpy outfit, the costume designers have a field day.

Here is what makes me mad.

Store bougt Women’s costumes are basically lingerie.This is bad, but tween lingiere?!? That is even worse.

Don’t support companies that try to conform all women, and even young girls, into wearing  skimpy for-men costumes. Make your own costume.

Not only will it show what you do and don’t support, it will also show your creativity!

Rant over.

I’m pretty tired of blogging, so I’m going to end my post here.

Over and out,


PS I realise how cheesy those last couple lines of my rant sounded. But its true.

PPS I’m really tired, so some of this stuff is probably misspelled.

PPPS Yes, I realize this is a lot of pses but, I wanna put this down so you can type it int your address bar (URL) in case my link didn’t work.

Dark Fairy Tween Girl's Costume

This is a costume for a tween. Let me repeat, 10-13 years old.



4 thoughts on “Three birthdays, and a rant.

  1. Kaelen, I totally agree with you. That is NOT a costume for tweens.
    Thanks for the bday wishes for Mark – I will pass them on.

  2. They should’ve called it Trampy Tinkerbelle, or Sleezy Snow White!!!
    How rotten!!!
    I agree, clever costumes are better costumes!
    Show them you have a brain cause no one needs to see your body!!!

  3. Kaelen, i loved your rant cause i tottally agree. for girls our age (or for any age in that matter) those costumed are disgusting!!! But anyway, hope to see you on Sunday!!

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