King Kong, Jackson style.

Last night I finished watching King Kong, the latest version.  Since I can’t really think of anything else to blog about, I wanna do a review.Well, here I go with my prayer review.

The dialogue in King Kong was rather weak, and the Anne Darrow/Whateverthathotguywiththebignose’snameis (Acted by Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody.) romance is quite cliched.

The emphasis is put on the action, and special effects. And the special effects, are good. They make up for the crappy conversations, and even more so.

I noticed that Peter Jackson had used several of the same ‘tricks’ from Lord Of The Rings. For instance, the shot were the rescue party is going into the jungle; we zoom out from a close up to a full view of the jungle, just as we zoomed out from Frodo and Samwise to look at the snow filled mountains.(I think that shot was from the second film. Not sure though.)

Or when we are going over the ‘Wall’ (My dad pointed this one out to me.) it uses the same camera motions as when we are looking into Mordor (I’m guessing First film this time. When you see all the orcs being made, and one orc is having the white hand smushed onto his head.)

Also the menu has the same kind of feel to it. You know how their is a big picture of the ring, and clips of the flim showing, sketichly, inside the circle the ring makes? It is rather like that, except without the ring in the middle of the menu.

That’s all I saw, there may be more, but I don’t remember it. Oh, wait, one more- the same actor who ‘played’ Gollum did King Kong. If you want to know what his name was either look it up, or if you live in Saint John, ask Margie.

The ship, ‘Venture’, had a miniature model for the long shots in stormy seas. It was interesting, watching as they painted it in the special features. It was a exact replica to the actual ‘Venture’ itself. It even had little things like, rust, and things that look suspiciously like fish guts on the deck, and little port holes, and life savers. It looked REALLY cool when they were done.

One last thing before I finish this ‘review’ , Jack Black was in the film and, surprise, surprise played a serious character. He did have a few humorous lines,  but on the whole, was serious. He played the character (who was sort of bad) well, but still, weird…

I had fun at Indigo, didn’t buy anything though, they didn’t have the book I wanted. Guess I’ll have to check out Coles, I think they will probably carry it.

A few editors notes before I end this post. (which I know is extremely short.) And, I will also finish the ten things about me which I left undone last time.

EN; Harry Potters eyes are green, not brown. (In my Harry Potter vs Howell Jenkins I wrote that Howells eyes were ‘glassy green’, and Harry’s ‘something brown’, when both of their eyes are, in fact, green. Sorry. (Not that I really think anyone cares…)

7- When I grow up I want to be  either a midwife, actor, or author. I’ve heard that I could be a model, but am not very interested in that as a career.

8- Jarvis is throwing a fit about his HAIR. I mean for crying out loud…. hair??? He is screaming at the top of his lungs about how his hair is ‘too long’ and how he ‘can’t see.’ and how it ‘gets in his eyes’. And I’m just wondering if Mom and Dad will buy me a tranquilizer gun?…

9- Mom is putting up shelves in her room. (Is it shelfs, or shelves?) When she is done she is going to get Dad to put up shelf/ve/s in my room. And believe me, I need shelfs. Or shelves. Those would be good too.

10-My fave book may be Pride and Prejudice.

Wait a minute, have I already said that? I will go and check other ‘Ten things about me’ and find out.

Over and out,


PS, Jarvis is still screaming. I really need to get a tranquilizer gun.

PPS, Just used spell check, and it is ‘shelves’. Thought so.

PPPS, I’ve realised that this isn’t such a small post anymore. Especially not with all these PSs.



One thought on “King Kong, Jackson style.

  1. I could’ve told you that it was shelves. Rhymes with elves which is also plural!
    If only we all could have a tranquilizer gun when we were younger with our siblings…. *sigh*

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