I hate thinking of titles.

I have several, rather diverse, things to put up. I will start with this;

Margie Christ, was ‘dinged’ out of the spelling bee in Ottawa. She did not missspell anything, she heard the announcer wrong. He said Batik, but she heard, and spelled, Boutique. I find this unfair, the announcer never even told her the definition.  Even so, she was the thirteenth, and if she had to go out, she went out with a bang.

Washington, look out.

I don’t really know how to join up these other ‘news items’ with what I just typed, so I’m just going to put them into a ‘Ten Things About Me’.

1- I have rearranged my bedroom. It took me (more or less) an entire day, but I did it. I know have much more floor space.

2- When I was rearranging my room I threw out (Mostlly just off the floor.) two garbage bags full of trash, and a book shelf. Don’t ask…

3-Dad and I walked up town today. He needed to get his N.B. license, and didn’t know how long the wait would be, so he invited me as, ‘entertainment.’ When we were done we hit the library (more ‘Princess’ Diarys’ books.) before going home. I brought my knitting, and just to scare Dad, knit a little while we were walking back.

I am knitting a …

4-BSJ. Baby Suprise Jacket to you non-knitters out there. It was created by Elizabeth Zimmerman, the knitters idol. It is called a ‘Suprise Jacket’ because when you are finished knitting it it looks like noting in this world. Then you fold it up, sew it along the shoulders, and hey,presto, a baby sweater.(Just think along the lines of knitted origami.)

5- To get to the Licensing Department, or whatever they’re called, we had to go through the City Market. While there  we saw Nate Guimond. He was drawing, I have no idea how he does it, but it all looks very…wow.

And I’m not just saying that to flatter, I really do like the stuff he draws. Especially the one with the baby crawling. She had a big, crinkly( is  that even a word?) bow in her hair, and the angle you saw it made her face really stick out.

6- We also saw Alison Gayton there. She had a hair cut.  Whenever I see her I marvel at her glasses. They are the last word in glasses.

I hope that is a compliment, I read it in a Anne of Green Gables book, and it was in a complimentary context. If it isn’t a comp. then I’m sorry.

I want to write more, but a sudden Indigo trip came up, and it’s not like I’m going to say no, huh?

Over and Out,



2 thoughts on “I hate thinking of titles.

  1. So did you create more floor space in your room because you caught wind of a certain favorite Aunt coming to bunk with you in 56 days?

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