Happy Easter!

We stayed home from church today, (do not kill me Master Tari/MM, etc,etc…) and had a egg hunt. I am in the process of re-reading Deathly Hallows. Someone is going to die (non readers read this, so no more details than that.) soon, so I decided to  give my nerves a rest, (why did Ms Rowling have to kill him off, why?!?!) and post.

We haven’t done much else today, so I will progress straight to my Ten Things About Me.

1- I detest Lara Croft’s costumes. I think the games themselves are fun, I enjoy watching Dad play them (they’re pretty much like a movie, since every two seconds there is a film clip.) but I cannot STAND (shouted) what she wears. And what self respecting person will wear EYESHADOW when they are exploring underground tombs of Peru!? Ugh, don’t get me started.

2- I like dark chocolatete. My mom says that must be my grandma coming out in me, since she absolutely detests dark chocolatete. How can she? It is so good… yum. It’s way better than milk chocolatete. WAY better.

3- My mom has just come off her juice fast. It’s is basically a diet where all you eat drink is juice. Our neighbor has a juicer so she goes over there and juices grapefruit, carrots, and apples. Plus she was buying lots of pre-packaged tomato juice. She says she feels healthier, so go figure.

4 I read a lot. The optometrist says too much. Whatevs. (Note to Auntie Jesse- by whatevs I don’t mean that I haven’t been careful how much I read, I mean that since I am homeschooled, and people in school read textbooks, and such all day I have been reading the same amount as them. You see, when the optometrist told me to read a few hours only, he wasn’t counting school.)

5- I want to get contacts. (I’ve had them before, and they are actually easier, I find, than glasses.)

6- I write Fan Fiction. Lot’s of it. Well, not quite lots, but I do like to write quite a bit of it. Mostly Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. It would be fun to do some for Howl’s  Moving Castle.

7- I use spell check all the time. Rock on spell check.

8- I think the typo ‘te’ (Instead of the, it is quite an easy mistake to make.) is cute. No, I am not kidding. Yes, I know that is strange.

9-I bite my nails. Bored, in goes the nail. Exciting part of the book- nail time. Stressed out… did someone call nail biters?

10- I think their should be a national ‘be able to ditch your siblings for twenty-four hours day.’ A whole day with no calls of ‘Kaelen, I need help’ (This usually comes right at the climax of a book. How can they know when I get there?! They can’t even read for Pete’s sake!!), or, ‘Kaelen, where did you put my shoes?’ (I don’t know Fiona, the last time I wore your shoes was…never!), or the absolute worst (This also tends to come during the climax. Or right when the heroine is gasping out her last words. Anything like that.), ‘Kaelen, it’s your turn to change Simon’s diaper!’ How many times can that kid go poo in one day???

Bah. Enough complaing. I’m going to maybe type an email, and then I’ll face whatever Deathly Hallows has.

Over and out.



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