And…he’s seven! (and he has let us know, believe me.)

Jarvis is officialy no longer six. I’m hoping that his seventh year will be more peaceful, and so on and so forth.

But-I doubt it.

He woke us all up this morning with shouts of  “It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday! Hey Kaelen, guess what? It’s my birthday!”

I could have happily slept in a bit longer, but it is his birthday, and he was pretty cute, so everybody went into Mom and Dad’s bedroom where he ripped open the box from Grandma Margaret. (BTW If you reading this Grandma, he looks very cute in the shirt, just like a bumblebee!)

After a shower and breakfast(pancakes) I felt more or less human, so I settled down to write this.

I have decided that for Jarvis to get his birthday present I will make it a ‘challenge’. I’m thinking a variety of Treasure Hunt, Hot and Cold, and Obstacle Course. Still, if he keeps being such a meany… What is it that changes normal kids into little demons on their birthdays? Yeesh, peeps!

Ten things about me-

1- My flu is better. 😉

2-I am reading a book on meditation. It is basically a book on how to relax, and if Jarvis keeps this up I am going to need it.

3- My mom is a vegatarian. Well, she will eat meat, but not very often. This means that (Since she cooks) I am a vegatarian. In fact she has been doing this off and on for the last year and a half, and I find that I don’t really enjoy meat all that much. If I go to a restaraunt, or something like that, I will pick what I want to eat out of the ‘meatless options’.

4- As a ‘add on’ to the above, I don’t think that people shouldn’t eat animals, or (this is the gist of what I saw in a quote once.) that animals are smarter, so we shouldn’t eat them, but learn from them. Then again, animals are smarter in various things- ever heard of the Leopards polluting the air, or Dogs putting holes in the ozone?- I guess the gist of what I’m trying to say is, I don’t like the way animals taste, a veggie diet is healthier for you than a meat diet, and also if farmers are putting so many chemicals into animals (factory eggs , thats when the chickens are in tiny little cages, and cows having a diet of chemicals to up how many gallons of milk they are producing.) do we really want to eat those animals?

5-I love skiing. I regualarly scare my Dad when I ski, since I snow plow the entire way down, instead of parallel.

6- I also love skating. And (if I do say so myself) I’m definetly getting better at it, thank you very much. (‘though I still can’t go very fast.)

7- One of my relatives thinks Harry Potter is the spawn of the devil, which is too bad. I (personally) enjoy Harry Potter. (well duh.)

8- I like drawing  mermaids. I’m not especially good at it, but I do enjoy it. A fun thing to do with my sibs is to first outline the mermaid, and then they draw on clothes, necklaces, hair, and in some cases wings.

9- My brother is infatuated with ‘littlemen’ (his name for those lego people.).

10- My mom has a problem with video games. And TV. Well, I’m still allowed to go on the computer, and if I had the choice, I would have picked the computer any way.

Over and out,



2 thoughts on “And…he’s seven! (and he has let us know, believe me.)

  1. So glad your flu is better. Did I get it right that if you are cutting up hot peppers not to rub your nose until you have washed your hands? – just want to be sure I understood. Yes – the skiing – you scared me too, kiddo! Sounds like a busy day for Jarvis- I can’t believe he is seven.

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