J K Rowling vs Diana Wynne Jones.

I’m going to compare these two wonderful writers, adorable authors, classy character conceptors, pretty paper and pen pythons, surprising (I never know what the end of the story is going to be) story sellers…………um I’m out of ideas. Wait, I got it!

Harry Potter vs Howell Jenkins (Howell is like, the best character, in the best book that Diana WJ has ever written. And most of her books are very good.)

Bespectacled Browns vs Glassy Greens. ( I think HP has brown eyes…)

Dark Dreads(not really dreads, but couldn’t find another word for hair that started with D) vs Billowing Blond.

You know what? I’m running out of ideas again, so I’ll just write five facts about the world of Rowling, and five facts about the world of Wynne. (And those can be my ten things about me! Yeah, I’m cheating, but it is my blog, so… Bwa hahahaha!)

Why don’t we start with Magic, since that is what the stories are all about.

1. Wynne Magic.

The magic in her book is very feely, touchy. You kinda’ learn magic, by focusing your mind on something, and then doing something, while hoping for the best. This is also balanced by magic that is more seeable, although it is still hard to do. For instance in one book they transform someone from a cat back into a human and to do so they use a frame work or rods which they move around the cat/human like a tent. My favorite seeable magic, as of now, would be the job where you have to change the weather. You get a little map of the world with mountains sticking out of it, and clouds, and snow and things like that. Then you have to blow the clouds away, so you get sunshine, or if it is a drought you just call for rain, from, say, Vancouver. (They get lots of rain there, believe me.)

2. Rowling Magic.

RM is a lot more like a recipe, then feely touchy, all though all BIG magic is always (or so it seems) going to be rather feely, touchy. Of course, it is a very hard, recipe, where you need to do exactly this, just as they tell you to do it, or else!

Also, you need wands to do magic, and I don’t think anybody has wands in the W books. Actually Wands are so important that I think I will give them there own section.

3. Wynne Magic.

Wands. They don’t have them. Moving on.

4. Rowling Magic.

Wands. They do have them. In fact, some key points of the story are about wands. You get different cores (Veela hair, Unicorn Tail hair, Dragon Gut, and Phoenix tail feathers are just a few of the many different possibilities.) and different wood for the actual wand. (Elm, Holly, Oak, it goes on and on.) Then you may have different lengths, bendiness, and width.

5. Wynne Magic.

In her books the wizards who are the best, who all the other wizards look up too, always seem to be rather grumpy, although by the end of the book you know them well enough to see that they really are nice after all.

6. Rowling Magic.

In her books the wizards who are the best, well there is only really Dumbledore,(And Voldemort but he is the bad guy, so of course he has to be powerful. I mean, have you ever heard of a villain named Bob who was a Plumber? Well, maybe if he hit you over the head with his pipe wrench, and then stole all your money…but I digress.) and he is sort of this nice, funny, rather weird(in the view of other wizards) modest, cool, grandpa wizard with a long beard, and a sweet tooth. (In the first books at least, in the last couple… well he is still good, but… never mind. Just read them your self.)

7. Wynne Magic.

In the Wynne books you can put a spell on yourself, or someone else to look like any animal, and take it off again. I’m not sure how good of a magician you need to be though…

8. Rowling Magic.

In the Rowling books you turn yourself into an animal, but you have to choose just one animal, and once you have chosen you will always be an animagus (Someone who can turn into a animal instantaneously.) .  Of course you can turn back into a human whenever you want to, but you will always have the power to turn into your chosen animal from then on.

9. Wynne Magic.

To change your appearance you can use magic.

10. Rowling Magic.

You can use magic to change your appearance, or potions. (There is one potion named the Poly Juice Potion which will turn you into a exact replica of someone for a hour.) There are people called Metamorphagai. They are extremely rare. No amount of magic can turn you into a Metamorphagai, you have to be born one. But if you have been born as a Metamorphagai 1- who are you, and where did you find my blog? 2- You are extremely lucky since you can change your appearance to ANYTHING. Which (If you ask me) is extremely cool.


Wow, that was a lot of typing, the word count is 867!

I think I will go, and rest my fingers.

Over and out, Kaelen.


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