OUCH!!!! (just shouted)

If you ever find your self to be cutting up Serrano peppers for a marinade, and you have a runny nose do not wipe your nose with your Serrano peppery hands until you have finished with the peppers, and washed your hands.

Wipe your nose on your sleeve, with a tissue held between your un-peppery (Although they may be dirty, so be cautious) toes, ask someone to wipe your nose for you, or failing all that (Or if the flu has really gotten you down.) just let it drip. (Gross, but it is better than wiping it with unwashed Serrona peppery hands. Trust me.)

Did you understand that? Here, let me stress the point with bold font.

Do not wipe your nose with Serrano peppery hands. Please, please, do not wipe it. Just. Don’t. Wipe. It.

OK? If you do wipe it, I hope you are the type who enjoys trying not to touch their sore, painful, peppery, schnozz in case they rub in the evil, wicked, vile, cruel, bad, naughty, tyranical, Serrona pepper poison. While crying with the pain.

And I don’t cry easy. I will say ‘ow’ easy, but It takes something to make me cry.  Case in point, a certain house elf’s death. (I’ll say no more, in case I ruin it for people.) But the evil, wicked, vile, cruel, bad, naughty, tyranical, Serrona pepper poison made me cry. For a good ten minutes, and then I wimpered, for a good twenty minutes, and then (Thank you God.) It went away. But it hurt. (Plus, my nose was all raw, and  sore already from the flu.)

No ten things today. I know, I’m evil. (Mu Ha Ha Ha!)

Over and out, Kaelen.

PS Don’t wipe it!


3 thoughts on “OUCH!!!! (just shouted)

  1. Nate,
    Wow, that pic is amazing! What did you do it with? Grover looks like he could be markers, and did you cut and paste the knife?
    Anyways, I keep looking at the picture, and giggling, especially since, I can’t tell what the stars coming out of Grovers mouth could be. (Ah Zeus?….)
    The book was interesting, I already tried one of the meditating things, it made me feel very relaxed, and sleepy. ( Will try before bed, and see if I can drift off faster.)

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