Nice to meet you.

Hiya there.

My name is Kaelen, and this is my blog.(Well, duh.)

The name of my blog is exactly what I am; a self admitted geek, and proud of it! ;p.

I’m going to try and eventually get a “Hundred Things About Me” up, but for now I’m going to just put up 10 things, and will try for the other 90 later.


1.I LOVE Harry Potter. Not the movies, although those are good too(I drive my Dad crazy when I watch them, because every 5 minutes I start squealing, “That is so not how it happened in the book!”), but the books. I’ve finished the series, and am re-reading them. So. Good.

Only thing is, How could Ms. Rowling kill off all those characters?!?

I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking about it.

(No, I am not exaggerating-at least not right now-, yes I am this geeky. Didn’t you read the name of the blog?!)

2. I live in beautiful New Brunswick. We (The fam and I) moved here last summer from…

3.British Columbia. So now I can say that I have been from coast to coast, just like our national motto. (Or is it sea to sea?)

4.I love the Beatles.

5. And Frank Sinatra.

6. And Michael Jackson. Yes, I know that Michael is ‘weird’, ‘strange’,some people say ‘creepy’, and most importantly (In today’s ordeal of always having to be ‘cool’-what ever that is-all the time) ‘uncool’. But I still think his music rocks.

7. I am sick. With the flu. Yuck.

8. I am home schooled.

9.I also am signed up with The Fundy Home Educators which is a home schooling community. Yesterday I finished their manners course, along with some other friends, which means all I have  to do now is show up for the Mothers Tea.

10. I am friends with Margie and Moriah. They also go to my church and are home schooled as well. Check out Margie’s blog here: (I’m still trying to figure out how to put in a link, so for now you’ll have to copy and paste.)

I should go now. See ya,



3 thoughts on “Nice to meet you.

  1. Nice top ten. Me likey. You don’t still have the flu though?
    If so….I’m probably sick too.
    Michael Jackson is good. Good as in music.


  2. Dear M, I knew that! Well, I sorta knew it. At any rate I gave people the choice between ‘coast to coast’ and ‘sea to sea’.
    Over and out.

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